Monday, January 2, 2012

Media and Public Relations Guidlines

While most of my posts contain items that, I myself, have purchased, some contain products that have been sent to me for reviewing and testing purposes. If you are looking for a blogger to review your product, products, subscription box, beauty box, fashion, accessories, food, bath and body, fragrance, or service here are some guidelines and further information about my policy, schedule, and background information.

Contact Information and Current Stats:
Contact email-
Facebook- (885 friends)
Instagram- (931 followers)
Blog- (73,382 views, 38 followers)
Youtube- (96 subscribers and 18,266 video views)

1- I only give honest and open opinions of the products I purchase and am sent. I test each product thoroughly for various and applicable aspects such as quality, quantity, pigmentation, staying power, overall feel, look, scent, packaging, etc. I test different ways a product(s) can be used and share my personal experiences. Only after this process will i write a review.

2- Every product sent to me for reviewing purposes will be reviewed. I do disclose when product(s) are sent for reviewing purposes but will treat them just like a product(s) that i purchased myself in that my review will always be honest.

3- If i like a product(s) i will also feature it on my Instagram and my Facebook, along with possible continued use, and continued promotion(s).

4- Any product(s) sent for review or testing will have their review posted in no less than 7 days. No matter how behind i am on personal blog entry's on my personal schedule i will always give priority to products sent to me for reviewing and testing purposes.

5- Products sent to me for review can request advertising on my blog. Must send image and link that you would like me to use. If I like your product I will feature your advertisement on my side bar for 2 months (60 days).

6- If you are a small or start up business that would like me to check out your product(s) or subscription, send me an email ( and i will consider it or pass it on to people that i think would be interested in your products.

7- I will do a video review if you request me to.

8- Items such as subscription box's sent for review will be featured in my collective subscription box review list found here.

9- I am currently located in Brooklyn, NY.
Any further questions do not hesitate to email me.

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