Friday, November 30, 2012

Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle Review and Swatches

My love of bright and dramatic lipstick colors is no secret, and sometimes i don't always know what to pair with certain shades since there is a fine line between looking fresh and trendy and like a box of crayola (though sometimes i really wish i could just wear every color at once!). A good choice to down play the pop of color on the lips is to choose a neutral or monotone eye shade. When i am not going bright, i do love a good nude as well, i want my eyes to pop but a little more classically. Whats a good product for both looks? A smokey, slightly sparkly, eye shadow.

Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle is a rich, pigmented black, with small silver micro shimmer. It is not by any means glittery, its subtle sparkle that adds just a small touch shimmer to the eye without taking away from the shadows rich pigment. If you like your shadow more shimmery after application dab a little extra shadow over your look to deposit extra shimmer. I found this shade soft, but not crumbly. Easy to blend, highly pigmented, minimal fall out, and extremely long lasting. I wore this out, fell asleep, and woke up with my eye shadow in tact. So if you are looking for a shadow to last all day and into the night you need to pick this up! You can find it exclusively here.
Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle
Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle

When applied over primer the shimmer is more apparent while when applied on bare skin it isn't as apparent given you choice in how you want this product to look on you.
with flash over primer
without flash over primer
I was super tired, so please excuse my tired eye. I am wearing this shadow on my lid with a soft swipe of primer on my lid. I applied this shadow with a small eyeshadow brush to my lid and gently swept it upward to the brow bone. I dabbed on some extra near my lash line to have a little extra shimmer there. I applied mascara and the look was gone. Pair with a dramatic lip color or a nude lip!

Over all i would recommend Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle if you are looking for a fantastic, high pigmented, slightly sparkly, black shadow that is long lasting, easily bendable, and will give you the perfect smokey eye to pair with both dramatic and nude lips. If you want to try bold and bright colors, Milan Rowe is a great place to turn to. You won't be disappointed. To see the whole range of shades and products please check out Milan Rowe Cosmetics.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Julep Maven Box November 2012 Classic With a Twist plus Fall Warmth Nail Wardrobe Review and Swatches

It is almost December and i still have not blogged about my amazing Julep Maven box for November. Shame on me seriously. Let me start out by telling you when my maven window opened up i was like a kid at Christmas. I have been waiting for these polishes to be in a Maven box since around the end of summer when there were talks of a suede polish. To my dismay i was unable to acess my maven account, encountering a blue bar that insisted i call customer service. I swear i was calling almost everyday telling them how badly i wanted to get the entire nail woredobe for the month and that i know they sell out quick. The very kind and very understanding Julep customer service represtivties assured me i would get the box i wanted. After about a week i spoke with them, because of the blue bar of horror, i would recieve the entire November nail woredobe complimentary. I literraly started to tear up. I never cried on the phone with a customer service rep, but i did this time. I believe the best part of a company is how you react with and apprecaite your customer, and Julep really does. Their whole girlfriends for girlfriends slogan they really take to heart. If you have ever been on the fence about Julep for any reason i hope this changes you mind a little. Their products are not only amazing but if there is ever a problem the staff is never rude and always will work with you to sort things out! Ok before i start crying again over here, let me get to telling you about the box!

The November Julep Maven box featured a collection of beautiful suede (matte) metallic shades along with two glossy shades. As a bonus nail polish remover towelettes and pink grapefruit body frosting was also incuded. Since i got the entire November nail woredobe i also recieved a second pink grape fruit body frosting and a body scrub, a small Julep towel, extra nail polish remover towlettes and all the shades of the month including a matte top coat! Needless to say i was giving a whole lot of thanks for this awesome box. It litterally felt like Julep Christmas!

My initial Julep Maven Box for November.

Julep nail polish remover towelettes-
I found these to be really handy. I have a 2 year old son, and while i use the pump nail polish remover we received a few months ago, sometimes it is nice to have something that is completely spill proof while doing my nails. Plus i put some in my purse to remove a chipped manicure on the run. Its nice to get home and have clean nails ready to polish!


The two colors included in the Classic With a Twist box are Minka and Brit (See swatches below with the nail wardrobe box.)

Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting
This super soft, citrus smelling, body frosting is so moisturizing and light. I love how this feels like whip cream for the skin. The scent wasn't too strong but did leave a nice lingering smell. I used this on my knees and legs and it made my skin feel super smooth.

The Fall Warmth Nail Wardrobe-
This box included all the colors from this months nail collection plus an extra Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting and Body Scrub, Julep mini Towel, extra nail remover towelettes, and a matte top coat. This box retails for an extra $30 in addition to the monthly $19.99 box. This would have been my first nail wardrobe purchase since i was so excited about these polishes. Even though the price tag, $50, seems a bit pricey for nail polish you are getting over and beyond the worth of that. Each nail polish retails for $14 dollars, meaning the polish alone is worth $112 and this doesn't even include your monthly maven box! I think a purchase like this would be great for a gift (keep the wardrobe box and give your maven box!) it would also help to introduce your friends to some great Julep products. Or even if a few friends put in a little money each and got the box to share. It is worth it any way you slice it. Not something i would get every month, but a treat that turns out to be worth it non the less.


These two are perfectly paired. There is nothing better then having a nice, citrus scented, exfoilating scrub before you use some soft, fluffy, critrus scented body frosting. These products compliment each other without being over the top.

This small towel is fantastic to use to dry your hands right before a Julep manicure.

Fall Warmth Nail Colors-
I honestly like the variety in this collection. Even though many of the colors look alike they truly represent the colors of fall.

The Suede's-
Warm, muted, matte, silver, gold, green, purple, and copper, remind me of the holidays. Copper and gold in the falling leaves, deep green for the coniferous trees, smokey purple for the makeup trends. Apply smoothly, dry quickly, cover opaque in one coat, and are smooth to the touch. All have a silver and grayed undertone to them. If you aren't a fan of matte colors a quick swipe of Julep Top Coat turns these shades into shiny metallic.

Brit- Soft silver gray.

Julep Suede Brit natural
Julep Suede Brit with gloss top coat.
Minka- rednd copper

Julep Suede Minka natural
Julep Suede Minka with gloss top coat
Amber- Beige gold

Julep Suede Amber natural
Julep Suede Amber with a gloss coat.
Hailee- Forest green

Julep Suede Hailee natural
Julep Suede Hailee with a gloss top coat
Julep Suede Nora natural
Julep Suede Nora with a gloss top coat.

Also include in the Fall Warmth collection were two non Suede shades called Donna and Trina. Both shades have a glossy finish. While not as warm as the matte Suede's these shades add a nice variety of color to the collection. To turn these shades matte simply apply a matte top coat. These also applied opaque in one coat. I found them to dry just a little bit slower than the suede shades. Still excellent quality

Donna- Smokey peacock blue crème

Julep Donna
Julep Donna with Matte Topcoat

Trina- Deep aubergine shimmer.

Julep Trina
Julep Trina with Matte Topcoat

Matte Top Coat- Fast drying matte-fying topcoat. Turn any glossy shade into a muted matte with this topcoat.

If you are interested in receiving a box filled with amazing polish you can sign up here! Every month you will receive a box with at least two polish and some extras! Each box is worth over $40 but you only pay $19.99. You start by taking a style quiz, your style determines your color picks for the month. If you don't like your style you can browse other styles and pick any one you want and if you aren't satisfied you can cancel anytime. Also if you don't see anything you like, or just cant afford it, you can skip as many months as you'd like while still maintaining your Maven status! As a bonus once you are a Maven all orders ship free plus a discount on all polish! Still not convinced? You can always try your first box for only a penny. Enter promo code PENNY! Sign up here! Free shipping even to Canada!

Some final words-
Fall fashion inspiration.

Some inspirational words-

Some gift ideas plus a preview for Decembers box!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Urban Decay NYC Palette Book of Shadows Vol. III Redux Review and Swatches

I love New York City. I love the sights, the sounds, the people, i love living here, and everything that comes with it. A palette inspired by my home, have to have it. I was a little late in getting it i will admit. For a year or two i took a hiatus from cosmetics and missed out on some great items such as the Urban Decay NYC palette. When it became available again i got it as fast as i could. It is now one of my favorite collector peices in my collection not to mention has some of the best shadows i have seen in a while (aside from the Vice Palette, which i thought i had already reviewed but i apparently haven't so i need to get on that!).

Aside from the unique city themed colors, this palette comes with an Urban Decay eye primer and a 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Zero. That still isn't what makes this palette so special. What really sets this palette aside from most other palettes is the fact that this palette has a top compartment which opens up and has a pop out view of New York City. If you think that is amazing, wait until i tell you it lights up! Yep this illuminated city view could not represent New York more if it tried. Over the top, bright, unique, colorful. That is us alright. Under this beautiful pop up scene, is a pull out drawer that contains all 16 shadows, the primer, and the liner. There is also a mirror behind the city scape to complete how awesome this product is.

In terms of qaulity these shadows are top of the line. If you have tried Urban Decay shadows in the past then you are no stranger to how pigmented and easy to blend these shades are. I did not find any of them stiff or chalky. I found them soft and buttery and did not have any issue with fall out. I love how many of them have a a bit of shine to them and no mattes are included. Some are glittery but not over the top just enough to add a little bit of sparkle to your look should you choose to.

First and second row, left to right from the palette. Over Urban Decay eye primer. You can click the pictures to enlarge them. Top without flash, bottom with flash.

Oil Slick, Uzi, Stray Dog, Mildew, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, SWF, Last Call, Rockstar
Oil Slick, Uzi, Stray Dog, Mildew, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, SWF, Last Call, Rockstar
Third row and last row. Over Urban Decay eye primer. You can click the pictures to enlarge them. Top without flash, bottom with flash. left to right from the palette
Haight, Maui Wowie, Aquarius, Smog, Goddess, Sin, YDK, Ecstasy
Haight, Maui Wowie, Aquarius, Smog, Goddess, Sin, YDK, Ecstasy
 24/7 Glide on Eye Liner in Zero-
This smooth black liner literally glides on. It isn't as pigmented as i would like it to be, but then again i prefer a liquid or gel liner. This liner can be smudged and can be built up.

 Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer-
This is somewhat been hailed as the holy grail of primer. I like it but it isn't everything it is hyped up to me. I have products that do a similar job and i wouldn't switch from them. I love the packaging and i think its a cute product. I am glad i got to try it with this palette.

Overall if you like a product that is a little different, one that offers just a little bit more, this palette might be a good choice for you. If you are looking to try some fun colors that includes extras like liner and primer, this is also a good choice. Or if you just like NYC go for it!