Sunday, January 1, 2012

Subscription Boxes

So, as i am sure you've noticed, i have a bit of a love affair with subscription boxes. I love receiving little boxes every month with new products to try and test. I am currently subscribed to 12 monthly boxes and 2 seasonal boxes. This post will focus on the pros and sometimes cons of each box along with links to my reviews, their sites, and referral links.

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Monthly Beauty Boxes:
About: Beauty samples delivered monthly. Often include Luna bars, perfume, nail polish, and makeup
Price: 10 dollars monthly this includes shipping
Size: Most samples are one time use but there are occasional deluxe samples and full size products
Pros: Point system- Every review gets you ten points, 100 points gets you 10 dollars to spend in their shop. Reasonable price. Items vary and there are sometimes surprises and options to get special boxes. Great for trying new products.
Cons: Since there are so many different boxes some lack value more than others. Their preview as to what will be in the box usually only applies to the very few good boxes. Many samples are only one use so you don't get a good feel for most.
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About: Beauty samples, mainly cosmetics, delivered monthly. Always includes a makeup bag.
Price: 10 dollars monthly this includes shipping
Size: most samples are deluxe samples or full size.
Pros: Cosmetic based, friendly online community with the chance to win prizes. Always includes a makeup bag. Continuously high quality.
Cons: Some brands are repeated often. Some brands are up and coming (not always a bad thing).
About: Beauty samples delivered monthly. You can choose your 6 samples from a set of 9.
Price: 12 dollars monthly this includes shipping
Size: You decide. There are some products that are single use, some full size, and some deluxe size. Since it is your choice your boxes can vary.
Pros: You can pick your samples. If you don't like your samples you can change your beauty profile as many times as you want so that you can get different samples to view.
Cons: When you sign up determines your sampling window. Many of the full sized samples are released at the beginning of the month. If you sign up toward the end all the full sized and special items are usually gone.
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About: After taking a style quiz, nail polish delivered monthly with extras and options for mystery boxes.
Price: 20 dollars a month includes shipping
Size: All products are full size or deluxe size.
Pros: Great referral system with many opportunities to receive free boxes. Options to skip a month, switch a style, upgrade to all products and polish ($30 extra), and add on polish for only 5 dollars extra. There is a discount on all products for mavens. There are different account account types for polish or products. Often offers mystery boxes. Great customer service.
Cons: Ships from Washington state so if you live on the east coast you may have a little wait.
About: Monthly Beauty Subscription box featuring well known and upscale brands.
Price: about 22 dollars a month includes shipping
Size: Deluxe and full sample products
Pros: Elegantly packed. One of the more nicely packed boxes. You will receive mainly full size products. There is a referral system along with surveys after every months box that allows you to rack up points to use for future free boxes.
Cons: Shipping can be a little slow and the rewards program takes forever to add up. Terrible customer service
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Beauty Bar Sample Society- (referral NIKK7184) I CANCELED
About: Allure magazine's monthly subscription service for samples
Price: about 16 dollars a month includes shipping
Size: one time use and small samples usually from high end brands.
Pros: You can get the magazine for free with your subscription (they never sent me mine)
Cons: The samples are a small and not what you would expect from Allure.
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Look Bag (Rerelease) DISCONTINUED   
About: A bag sent to you by The Look Store monthly, always contains 2 full 
sized products
Price: 12 dollars a month
Size: deluxe and full size samples
Pros: You will always receive 2 full sized samples and they are mainly high end and name brands
Cons: Quality sometimes lacks.

Lips Factory INC.
About: A cosmetics subscription that is primarily about lip products but often boxes include other cosmetics.
Price: $22 a month, includes shipping.
Pros: You receive quite a large number of products, mainly full size, from well known brands. There is a card included that gives tips on how to wear what is included. While this subscription focuses on the lips boxes have included eye products, tools, and accessories.
Cons: There are no cons!
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About: A monthly box of cosmetics from the brand Starlooks. Subscribing allows you to try a whole line of cosmetics by receiving it bit by bit monthly.
Price: $15 a month includes shipping
Size: Full sized items
Pros: Full sized products, retaliative to the season, on trend, high quality.
Cons: Products may not suit your personality nor style type. Very general products.
Reviews coming soon!

Boxy Charm-
About- A monthly box of cosmetics from drugstore brands like Maybelline, L'oreal, Nexis, etc.
Price- 21$
Size- 5-6 Full sized items
Pros- TBA
Cons- TBA
Reviews coming soon

Mixed Monthly Boxes:
The Big Pink Box-
About: A box of samples from women owned business.
Price: 25 dollars monthly
Size: varies. Each box contains different products from different women owned business's every month so the samples range in size and type. Now you can subscribe with reoccurring monthly payment.
Pros: Supporting small women owned business's. Only 100 boxes each month so each one is personal.
Cons: No personalized beauty profile for customers (yet) so you can wind up with products that don't suit you. Sell out fast.
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About: Monthly box of health, cosmetic, fashion, life, fitness, and food
Price: $35 a month includes shipping, there is extra for tax.
Size: Full sized products
Pros: You will receive a wide range of products from categories such as beauty, home, lifestyle, and food. Many of the products are from well known brands. There is a little booklet included with information on every product. You can earn points for referrals.
Cons: The shipping is very slow to the east coast since they use FedEx smart post.
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About: Pick boxes that you would want to receive and enter a lottery
Price: Can vary from $10-18
Size: full size and sample size items
Pros: Most boxes have items that fit the theme in the description. Are almost always a value in that you get more than what you paid. A very understanding customer service team. Pick and choose which boxes you may want.
Cons: Since it is a lottery you will not get picked for every box you want. (Now have option to purchase older boxes or pay a bit higher price to guarantee a box)
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Food Monthly Boxes:
About: A box of 6+ gourmet food samples delivered monthly
Price: 10 dollars plus 2 dollars shipping
Size: Single size and sample size food samples.
Pros: 6+ samples each month, plus a box of food is given to hungry children for every box you receive as a subscriber.
Cons: you may not like everything you try.

About: Small batch artisan food delivered monthly
Price: 10 dollars a month
Size: 3-4 Sample sized items
Pros: The items are high quality and always fresh.
Cons: No tracking number, limited number of items in each box.

About: Artisan food delivered monthly from small companies based in and around NYC.
Price: 25$ a month
Size: Full sized and deluxe sample sized
Pros: All products come from small companies, are made in small batches, and are high quality. Very fresh. If you live in the NYC area you can buy more locally since many of the companies are based in NYC and some right outside.
Cons: None.

Knosh Box-
About: Artisan food delivered monthly from small companies all over the United States
Price: $29.99
Size: Full sized and deluxe sample size products
Pros: All products come from small companies and are made in small batches. High quality items and very fresh. Many come from family owned and farm based business. If you are in a large city and want experience items from the country this is nice. Or if you just want to have the tastes of America delivered to your door. 
Cons: none

Goodies Tasters Box-
About: A box that helps people to discover foods they may love. Is made by Walmart.
Price: $7
Size: 5-8 full size and sample sized items
Pros: Products are often easy to find in your local grocery store or local Walmart, so if you like it you can easily buy again. Coupons are also included.
Cons: None.
Seasonal Boxes:
About: A seasonal tube filled with products of that season.
Price: about $38 a season Every two months.
Size: Ranges from small samples, deluxe samples, and full size products.
Pros: You always receive about 100$ 60$ worth of products that are from well known brands.
Cons: Mainly anti-aging products and creams, might not suit you if you more focused on makeup products or uninterested in anti-aging.
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About: Seasonal box filled with well known beauty products.
Price: 25 dollars a season
Size: Deluxe and full size products
Pros: Wrapped in very elegant packaging, wide range of products, well known products
Cons: (none as of yet)
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Mirenesse VIP:
About: Australian cosmetics company that sends out a VIP box of products every two months worth up to $1,000 (yearly value).
Price: $25 a month which includes shipping
Size: Full sized products
Pros: You receive a $25 Voucher Every Month off the purchase of $65 or more (items are already discounted from regular price up to 80%). You can use your voucher for flash sales and on any item. If you use it on exactly $65 you are only paying $40. I have been able to get nearly 15 items for only $40 worth almost $500. These vouchers are worth it. Plus every dollar you spend gets converted into points that then also become vouchers. $20 is 200 points (2.00$). You can let these accumulate until you want to redeem them. Free shipping from Australia. Helpful customer service. Birthday Surprise is also sent to you on your birthday.
Cons: Shipping can take 15 days and there is no tracking number
See reviews here!

About: Beauty and lifestyle box for moms and moms to be.
Price: $15 a season
Size: full size, sample size, gift cards, and promo cards
Pros: you know what each boxes theme is for the year. You can choose different pricing plans to suit which boxes you want to get. Boxes can apply to busy women not just busy moms.
Cons: The boxes could have more items in them along with higher quality items. When pricing and site changes occur you will not be notified right away so keep an eye on their facebook along with checking the site regularly.
See reviews here!

Fashion Box-
Wantable Jewelry Box-
About: A monthly box filled with fashionable jewelry hand picked to suit you.
Price: $36 (or $40 for a box without subscription)
Size: 4-5 items
Pros: You take a detailed beauty profile on what you look like and what jewelry you would prefer to receive and not receive. Items are geared toward your style. Ring size is asked. Fanatic and understanding customer service. Fast shipping.
Cons: Many rings have elastic bands. There quality can lack at times.
See reviews here!


  1. Man, I had not heard of the loose button Luxe box so I decided to sign up. Unfortunately it isn't allow new subscriptions in the US. :(

    1. There is a wait list, i should probably add that information to this list. If you sign up they will notify you when there is a subscription spot open. For me it took about a week. I wish you lots of luck. =]

  2. Thanks for this post. I've been wating to sign up for a beauty box or two, but wasn't sure which ones would be worthy my time/money. This is super helpful.

  3. Yes! Thank you for this : )