Sunday, February 2, 2014

Maybelline The Buffs Collection Review Lip Swatches and Mac Dupes

 If you were enchanted last year by the Maybelline Vivids collection that featured bright and bold shades this may not be a collection for you, but if you love to vary your looks or you felt that the vivids were just too VIVID you may want to check out The Buffs.

This collection makes sense coming from Maybelline, the brand that has brought us the line of Fit Me products. We can fit our foundation, our mattifyer, even our pressed powder to work perfectly for us, why not lipsticks? The Buffs collection features nude shades for every skin tone and are affordable for most budgets. It seems many companies are bringing us a very nude spring and these are a great way to stay on trend. Also, since there is a wide variation of shades you can choose a nude that works for you now or a lighter or darker one for those times when you have a tan or are a little pale.

The overall formula is consistent with  other Maybelline color sensational lipsticks in that they are soft and creamy, have a honey nectar scent, and leave a bit of shine when applied. Depending on the shade they can last from 3-6 hours.

Left Top- Bare All, Left Bottom- Nude Lust. Right Top- Blushing Beige , Right Bottom- Maple Kiss

BARE ALL- is an almost white shade that gave me (fit me 220, mac NC 30) concealer lips. This shade showed every lip flaw so it would be best to exfoliate before applying. This shade would be best for those with very fair complexions or those who want a very light lip. This shade could also be used to tone down a darker shade or applied to the center of the lip over another lipstick to highlight the center of the lip.It leans slightly yellow.

BLUSHING BEIGE- this shade is slightly darker and leans pink. It is great for those looking for a light pinky nude and it is similar to mac peachstock and mac pure decoration.

NUDE LUST- is similar to mac close contact and is a bit of a greyed pinky nude.

MAPLE KISS- is a red based medium brown that would look great if you have pigmented lips already, it may look like "your lips but better"
Left Top- Truffle Tease, Left Bottom Touchable Tuape, Right Top- Sin-A-Mon, Right Bottom- Stormy Shara

TRUFFLE TEASE AND SIN-A-MON- both look very similar to exclusive event and riri nude on the lips but they lacked some of the greyness that would make them a full dupe. These will look quite different on different skin tones. On my skin they were medium grey nudes with a bit of brown. Truffle Tease leaned more yellow while Sin-a-mon leaned more pink.

TOUCHABLE TAUPE- is a chocolate brown that has a bit of purple untertone and reminded me some of mac hot chocolate. This shade should flatter mostly any skin tone.

STORMY SHARA- is a pinky medium brown nude that would look good on medium to darker skin tones as a nude.
Top Left- Untainted Spice and Top Right- Espresso Exposed

UNTAINTED SPICE- This shade also pulls a little purple but is a medium brown (this shade also reminds me of mac hot chocolate but it isnt enough purple to be a full dupe)

ESPRESSO EXPOSE- is a darkened reddish brown that would be a great vampy shade on lighter skin tones or a rich nude on darker skintones.

Overall what I loved about this collection was range. I feel like with ten nude lipsticks that lean pink, yellow, brown, purple, grey, and red, it really covers a lot of different skin tones and undertones. I think that most people will be able to find a nude that fits them or even just a shade they like. The packaging is quite pretty with the soft pink shaded tubes and the shades the color of the sticker on the bottom. These shades are creamy and smell like honey nectar.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is a Knock Out

I recently received a few Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes from Influenster. I have used these products before and own quite a few, so i went into this product testing with a positive attitude. The shades i received complimentary from influenster for reviewing and testing purposes were Red My Lips, Pat on The Black and Jaded.

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is just that.. a complete manicure. You can skip the base coat and top coat and get the same results had you used them. This product offers 7 benefits- base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip resistant, and gel shine. Unlike a lot of products in the drugstore this one lives up to its claims.

So, is this product the holy grail of polish or does it have some shortcomings?  Well, it all depends on what shade you use. For example, if you use Red My Lips you will get a perfect application because the formula is thin enough to give you a thin coat that drys fast but opaque enough that you don't have to use more than 2 coats. The flat brush also helps to deposit just enough polish. If you use Jaded, the experience is a little different. This shade lacked the pigmentation of Red my Lips and also Pat On The Black and was very hard to work with. Apply too much.,. and its goopy.. apply too little and its barely there. After 3 coats i finally got an opaque coverage. While that is a lot, i was thankful i didn't have to apply a base coat or top coat to it like other polishes. Pat on the Black, if applied slightly thick, needed only one coat and is great if you are in a rush to paint your nails but have about 10 minuets to let them dry. The other shades only took about 5-7 minuets to dry. Again, the time is still a lot less than if you had to wait for a base coat and top coat to dry.

Overall, i really like this product. There are many other shade choices available, including some gorgeous glitters! You can find these online at for about 6.49$ or in your local drugstore.


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