Friday, August 17, 2012

Ka'oir Glitsticks The Grand Keyshia Kaoir Rip Off- How To Recreate the Look

This is probably going to be my angriest post to date. I have been a huge fan of Ka'oir cosmetics for quite some time. Beautiful, bold, amazing lipsticks, lip pops, nail polishes and even eyeshadow. Keyshia Kaoir (formerly Dior) has built an empire of beautiful cosmetics that reviled brands as big as MAC. So when she started to mention Glitsticks, naturally, her fans got excited! Ka'oir already had a gold and silver Glitstick which was a lipstick that had glitter in it to be applied over other colors in her collection or just bare on the lips for some extra sparkle. That is what was assumed her new Glitsticks would be just with different colors applied over her existing colors. This, regrettably, was not the case, what she released was so disappointing that i needed to dedicate an entire entry to it.

So what was released? Small pots of micro glitter. Yes, simple, cheap, find it anywhere, cosmetic grade microglitter. Now let me just mention for all of those who do not know about Ka'oir, it is an internet only brand. This means that if you are looking for cosmetic grade microglitter, and you are online, you can find it literally anywhere. I will include a list of links and locations of where to find it at the end of this post. What also really grinds my gears is the two actual, true to their name, "Glitsticks", were removed from the site altogether. Perhaps it was a play on words, like glittery lipstick, but the lipstick and glitter are separate so it makes no sense.

 My point to all this? Keyshia Kaoir decided it was time to snub her fans by putting out an over priced microglitter which she claims will, magically, only work with her products. Don't believe me? Check out this piece of marketing crap. So not only does she put out some basic and common glitter she puts out a tutorial video as if her customers are stupid and not aware of how to add glitter to their lips. Seriously? I have been putting glitter over lipstick since high school. While some people may not have known how to do this, or thought of it, that is no reason to over price an item and take advantage of your fans/customers.

For $12 you can purchase one pot of cosmetic grade microglitter, or for $26-$28 you can purchase a lipstick and a Glitstick. This is extremely over priced. What is worse is that since she claims these only works with her lipsticks i guess that gave her the ability to raise ALL her prices. I just shook my head and thought what the heck is going on here! I guess all that lobster and gold watches leave you hard up in the wallet so you dip a little more into ours. I understand that she has redone all her tubes for her lipsticks and lip pops but i never asked for that change and shouldn't have to front a dollar more for everything just because you wanted to change things up. You aren't keeping it fresh you are keeping it stupid.

:: bangs head on table ::
Ok where was i? Oh yes, since i am so outraged i figured i would show anyone who is even CONSIDERING buying her over priced glitter please check out these dupes and instructions so that you do not waste your money.
FYI- I do love the pigmentation of her lipstick along with the application.

1- Apply lipstick to lips swipe a little extra on and make sure it is well defined. Use a clear liner if nessicary. This works with ANY LIPSTICK so long as the color is not matte or glossy. Satin or cream is the best
2- Using a sponge applicator dab it gently into your glitter.
3- Press your tongue against your lips to make them flat and stretched out, i suggest starting with your bottom lip.
4- Dab the glitter on. DO NOT RUB. You will need to dip your applicator into the glitter many times. Start from the center of the bottom lip and go out to the corners. Do the same for the top lip. Do not press lips together. Do not bite lips. Do not rub lips together. 
5- For this to last for a long time use straws with beverages.

I will make a video on this soon.

This is Claire's glitter that will be used in most of these pictures.

To recreate Pool Party-
Use Claire's Cosmetics body glitter in Blue over Ka'oir Pool Party Lipstick

 To recreate Virgin-
I used white iridescent glitter from Claire's body glitter over NYX jumbo eye pencil.

To recreate Red Roses-
 I used Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss number 11 with Claire's glitter in red.

To recreate Raquel-
I used Lime Crime D'Lilac with Claire's light purple glitter over it.

The white reflections are all natural with no edit!!!

The white reflections are all natural with no edit!!!

 To recreate Rude Girl-
I used Lime Crime Airbourn Unicorn with Claire's dark purple glitter over it.

disregard le boyfriend's hand.

To recreate Goldengoddess-
I used Covergirl Blaststick Lipstick in Minx the gold side with Claire's gold lipstick over it.

To recreate Night-
This color is the only one i did not have a black glitter as close to the color she is selling available to me in my collection. However there are black glitters available and they will be in the links section below.  For this look i used Estee Lauder Gunmetal with Medusa's Makeup AK47 glitter over it.

Blurred it looks like sequins.

 To recreate Mistress-
I used Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss number 06 with Claire's pink glitter over it.

If you are looking for cosmetic grade micro glitter please check out these links!
Medusa's Makeup- Has every single color of glitter your heart can imagine! $7 dollars each, 5 dollars during their manic Monday sales!
TKB Trading- This site sells mica and glitter and other supplize to make your own makeup or use as pure pigments. Prices are as low as $1 dollar.
Cartwright- Sells glitter for cosmetic use as low as 4 dollars!
Claires- in store you can find glitter pots.
Costalscents- glitter as low as $1.50

Just to drive my point home- Ka'oir buys wholesale and in bulk meaning that her products are even cheaper in worth than the examples i have here, just imagine her profit. I get that she is a business woman but she is sticking up her customers, and i personally am boycotting.

Will you be purchasing her "glitsticks"?


  1. The only thing that would make her lipstick a 'new thing for glitter' would be if it truly locks the glitter to the lipstick as she says in the tutorial. She says it lasts 24 hours. Really now?
    But yeah, the name of the product made it seem like it was a lipstick that when applied, it made your lips super glitter-fied.

    1. I wish it locked the glitter in or sealed it, but nope it does not do that. Her original Gltizstick, while not all that new, were pretty good. They were pretty much clear lipstick with just micro glitter and when applied over other colors, whether it be hers or anyone else, even bare lips, it added glitter with a base. If that was sold multi color then it would have been something i am sure her fans would have jumped on.
      The 24 hour's must be a joke, or must be for people that do not eat, or drink, or talk because all of those actions decrease the amount of glitter on the lips.

  2. A very strong opinion, I like it. I love your pics, absolutely gorgeous. What kind of sponge applicator do you use to apply the glitter?

    1. Thank you! I used pretty much a no name brand, flat sponge tip applicator, the kind that you can find in a beauty supply store. I am sorry i do not have more information on them, i rarely use them.

  3. She must've ripped a page out of the Doe Deere business handbook.

    1. At least Doe Deere was wise enough not to call something a stick when its a glitter pot (not defending doe, just pointing out someone as scummy as her at least knows the difference between the two cosmetics). I shake my head at both of them.

  4. I've been using you can get a sample bag of glitter for $1.25 free shipping on $10 sample purchases!

    1. thank you for that information! This just furthers my anger and frustration over Keyshia Kaoir's audacity to rip her customers off especially when shes buying a product that is sold so cheaply and marking it up because she put her name on it!

  5. Hi, i was just wondering if the glitter you used has metal in it at all?

    1. Since i used different brands, could you be more specific about which one you are referring to? And for reference most cosmetic grade glitters are made using metal such as a aluminum copolymer coating on very thin plastic to create the reflective shine. I hope you have found this helpful.

  6. I'm sorry but your glitter does not look as good as Ka'oir's. Your's looks really messy and when she applies hers it looks nothing like what you posted. Her glitter seems more micro and fine.
    And also, who cares if it costs $26? They are for people who have the money and not the time to go out and cheap-shop for some large flaky glitter to replace it,as you seem to have the time to do.
    Why do all of you broke, non ambitious women bash brands who are trying to make it? Almost every brand makes some "untrue" claims, from McDonald's to CLAIRE'S...but yet, you give them your business. You're jealous that you only have a BLOG and not a makeup empire!

    1. First thank you so much for reading. I always enjoy a good critique. The one I used isn't as fine as the ones from TKB. Quite frankly I don't care how much i don't mind spending 30$ for something high quality but repackaged glitters, no thanks. For the people that like a package of glitter with the Kaoir name on it, good for them, I hope they enjoy their repackaged glitters.
      I also thank you for your assumptions about me. I am broke, yet run a blog featuring items I purchase. I am non ambitious yet I have plenty of goals in my personal life you know nothing about. As for jealousy no, I just review and call a scam when I see one.

    2. "I also thank you for your assumptions about me. I am broke, yet run a blog featuring items I purchase. I am non ambitious yet I have plenty of goals in my personal life you know nothing about. As for jealousy no, I just review and call a scam when I see one."

      I am finally breaking down and buying the plain'ol Kaoir Lipstick. I'm glad to hear it's a good product besides the switcharoo she pulled with the "Glitzstick" . I will not puchase a pot of glitter from ANYWHERE for those prices!

  7. LOL at this post. It appears it bothers the creator of this blog that KAOIR found a niche in selling glitter lips that some other indie cosmetic companies have jumped on as well. KAOIR is a business just like MAC and LOREAL. obviously, they don't sell the product at the price they buy it for. they wouldn't make money this way. no one in a retail business would make money this way. if you feel you cant afford it then don't buy it. However, you don't need to attempt to "shame" or "blast" kaoir just because you found a cheaper and less appealing way to wear glitter lips. i am a makeup artist and i buy KAOIR all the time. the quality is great and i feel their prices are in line with other department store brands. its fine to review and form an opinion about someones product, but to claim you are going to boycott and state false things about the company is reckless. try to bully another brand..