Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner Review

Lime crime... Oh how I love and hate you.
First off, let's put all the drama surrounding creator Doe Deer and her lab out of our minds. Good. Ok second let's put the fact that the company was blatantly taking mica's from TKB Trading (worth about a dollar) and selling it for 13 calling it an eyeshadow.  Done?

Ok. Now on to their newest product, liquid eyeliners. Despite all that is mentioned above I was so psyched about these bright and colorful liners- bright pastel, opaque, and liquid? Yes count me in!

I ordered 6th element, which is a bright orange, Orchidaceous, which is a violet purple, and the Citreuse, a yellowish/greenish color. They arrived by mail almost 2 weeks after I ordered them. I contacted customer service about the length of their shipping and i was promptly and politely told that it was due to the release of these new liners and I was understanding. Once the box arrived, which was bright purple and adorned with a unicorn, I couldn't help but feel like a kid at Christmas, until I saw what was under all the beautiful wrapping..

Now I guess I didn't read all the details of these liquid eye liners because they are only .04 oz (which is considered a sample size to most cosmetics manufactures). To bring that into perspective a tube of regular black liquid L'Oreal liner, found in drugstores, size .23 oz can run about 10 dollars, while lime crime is selling liquid liners for $13.99 And are 5 times, yes FIVE TIMES smaller in size. If the argument is about color or even uniqueness of a product. NYX cosmetics had a bright colored liquid liner collection in similar colors not too long ago and they were more than twice the size of these and three times less in price.

So by now you think I completely hate this product, but I don't. What I love about this product is how smooth it is, the color pay off, the fact that it does last all day, and the packaging.

Here are a couple of pictures give you an idea of what you will be purchasing if you choose to do so.

These would be bright on any skin tone.

The box the products came in and individual product boxes.
6th element, Citreuse, and Orchidaceous. .04 fl oz $13.99 each
The messed up brush of Cireuse.
Orchidaceous, Citreuse, 6th element on my hand in a slightly sun lit room

Citreuse over blue eye shadow

Orchidaceous over yellow eyeshadow.

Size comparison, L'oreal vs. Lime crime.

 Size comparison, L'oreal vs. Lime crime.

Packaging 5/5
Purple box and unicorns? I'm a kid at heart and I loved this
Products: 3/5
Over priced. Messed up brush. Better products can be found else wear. They do have a decent selection though and is not limited to just bright colors, offering dark blue and even a black. 
Customer service 5/5
Quick and polite.
Quality 2/5
Your paying more simply for the brand. Quality is seriously lacking.
Overall rating 3.7
If you want bright cosmetics all from one place, with amazing packaging and nice customer service, this product/brand is for you.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Julep Maven Review

After browsing the interwebs for a bit looking for something new and something different I stumbled upon a subscription service called Julep Maven. Like most beauty boxes for a small fee (19.99$ a month + free shipping) you can receive a box packed with goodies.

Unlike most beauty boxes this isn't a sample box. You will receive full sized nail polishes along with other products such as lotion, lip balm, nail art, and even sometimes candy! Being a Maven also entitles you to 20% off everything in the julep store.

Signing up is easy. You take a quick style quiz to determine your style. Once your style is determined you can purchase 3 months 6 months or 12 months. Best of all if you join now and enter color2012 your first box is just a penny!
Julep Maven
Sign up here !
Each nail polish retails for 14$ and is sold in Saphora. This box is with well over 19.99$.

But wait! There's more! Every now and then a mystery box is offered for 19.99 (60 for non mavens) which includes 60-200$ worth of products! I ordered my first one last week, review to follow when it arrives.

I decided to try two boxes for a proper review

Box 1: Bombshell (Best pedi cream ever, Oscar - gold glitter, Natasha - intense orange)

Packaging 5/5
Loved how neat the box was. The intro card with information on your colors.
Products: 4/5
Who doesn't love a nice gold glitter? Or a bright orange for the summer? The best pedi cream is soft and really works. I wish it was larger.
Customer service 5/5
Quick and polite.
Quality 5/5
You get more than what you pay for. Great colour pay off. Dries even. Coats well.
Overall rating
4.8/5- You get more than what you pay for, amazing color selection, random extras, and wonderful customer service. Must have for any nail polish lover.

 Oscar tips on Natasha.

Box 2: Classic with a Twist (best pedi cream ever, Susie - mint green, Niecy- bright pink)

Product 4/5
Love the pink it's perfect for summer. And the mint is so bright it will look perfect on tanned hands and pale skin. These colours are opaque and dry quick. Very high quality.

So if this got you as excited as it got me sign up here
Julep Maven

I plan to swatch these colors soon!