Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Purple Lipstick- The Fabulous Color You Need!

For so many years many cosmetic companies only sold lipstick shades in pinks, reds, browns, and other neutrals. Lucky for us the cosmetic companies like to flip things up every now and then spanning as far back as the 50s. The neutral decades of the 40s, 50s, we're followed. By bright, and fun makeup of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. By the 90s bright fun colors slowly faded out right about the same time of body glitter. The resurgence of bright fun colors has been gaining speed since 2008 and I sincerely hope it continues.

So whats this about purple lipstick... Oh yeah! So every cosmetic company from Mac (not that unexpected) to revlon (very unexpected!) have been releasing amazing purple shades! Those with pink undertones, or in the plum family are great for everyday, even work wear. While bright, super opaque true purples with blue bases are great for going out or for just having all eyes on you!

L-R Flashy, Mauve Outta here, Lavender Tint, Berry Haut, VaVa Violet, Raquel, Rude Girl, Heroine, Violette Coquette, Airborne Unicorn, and D'Lilac
Bright sunlight L-R Airborne Unicorn, D'lilac, Flipsick dark side, flipstick light size, Mauve Outta Here , Lavender Tint, Berry Haute, VaVa Violet, Raquel, Rude Girl, Heroine, and Violette Coquette
Medium sun light L-R Airborne Unicorn, D'lilac, Flipsick dark side, flipstick light size, Mauve Outta Here, Lavender Tint, Berry Haut, VaVa Violet, Raquel, Rude Girl, Heroine, and Violette Coquette

These are my favorite purples and why I love them so much:
(arranged from low end (drugstore) to high end (premium brands)

Lavender Tint 301- NK cosmetics - $1.49
This is the creamiest most moisturizing lipstick I've ever tried. It's made with. Vitamin E, super cheap, and he color is just beautiful on the lips. It has a soft pink undertone, and in certain lights can even pass for a pink. It's everything it's name implies... Just a tint of lavender.

Mauve Outta Here-907C- wet n wild -$2.99
Beautiful matte color. Has pink undertones and is in the plum family. Lasts all day and can be worn to work since the purple is very subtle. Since it is matte the color is very opaque.

Berry Haute-660- revlon-$4-$7
Another plum family purple, this color is very creamy. It takes a few swipes to achieve full purple, so you can choose the shade to your liking. While this shade has pink undertones in it, it is still unmistakably purple. It is another shade that can be worn to work without being too flashy.

Flashy-851-covergirl blastflipstick- $8
Dark side
Light Side
Ok now we are getting a little flashy. This two in one purple lipstick is absolutely perfect if your still on the fence. One end is a shimmery light purple while the other end is a dark violet purple. Combine the two to make your perfect shade or use one or the other. At least your getting two shades and have the ability to find what purple works for you. This colour is creamy and can sometimes dye the lips like a lip stain if you use more of the dark violet side. Still worth it though.

Va va violet- 663- Revlon- $4-$7
Dark, plum, violet. This is not for the subtle. It is a very dark purple, and perfect if you want to make a statement or if it matches your outfit (I'm guilty of this). It is creamy so you may need a few swipes so that it does not appear streaky.

Airborne Unicorn- lime crime- $16
This is an opaque plum purple. Very similar in color to berry haut except much more pigmented. It has an undertone of pink and a lovely vanilla sent. The glittery unicorn against the purple tube will make you feel like a kid. Not to mention this color looks good on most any skin tone.

D'Lilac- limecrime- $16
Extremely light purple and very opaque. This is a milky color and mot for all skin colors since it can sometimes look grayish. Definitely for the daring. It has blue undertones and a lovely vanilla smell. Also has a glittery unicorn on its tube.

Raquel- ka'oir- $14
A fantastic opaque light purple. This is a true light purple with minimal pink undertones. The perfect shade to choose if you jump into the purple side

Rude girl- ka'oir-$14
Wearing this you may get some looks, but you'll also most certainly get complimented. This is a dark true purple, lots of blue undertones, and looks good on all skin colors. It lasts many hours, isn't drying, and so opaque that the colour you see in the tube is the one you will see on your lips.

Heroine-Mac- $14.50

This matte purple is a true violet. Since it is matte the colour lasts long on the lips. This is a very daring color but also a very beautiful one. Any woman with confidence can pull this one off. Probably not sutable for work unless you work at Mac.

Violette Coquette- 381- rouge in love- Lancôme- $25
While very similar to heroine, this color is not a matte. It does however last long on the lips and is a statement color. It is a true violet as the name implies and would look lovely on any skin tone.


  1. Great job, thank you for all the tips and pics. In excited now. Love the colors

  2. Hello.
    You should look into Milani's Violet Volt (supposed to be a dupe for Mac's Heroine) and Matte Glam lipsticks.
    Milani also has metallic liquid lipsticks:
    Check out Automatic Touch and Raving Matte.

    Also check out Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars in Belladonna (Ultra-violet), Hoochie (Extreme magenta) and Robohoochie (Vibrant magenta with multidimensional pearl).
    They are on sale right now: http://occmakeup.com/collections/lip-tar-pro/products/sale-lip-tars
    They are my favourite lip products- along with Milani.