Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hello Flexible Hair, Hello Air Spray from Pantene Review

I love trying new products for my hair. I tend to be a little neglectful when it comes to what I do with my hair and a new product forces me to pay attention. I recently got to try the @pantene #airspray hairspray and there were a few things I imedatly noticed about it.
From first spray, I could smell a soft, feminine sent. I liked that it didn't smell like some heavier products I remember from when I was younger. This added just a little something and it was, in no way, overpowering. My hair itself felt like there was added control and volume without feeling heavy, I was able to brush my hair without feeling like it was the 80s again. My hair was flexible and manageable. Very impressed. #pantenexinfluenster #helloairspray
I received this product complimentary of influsenster for reviewing and testing purposes all opinions are my own.

Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Review and Swatches

Swatches of all 18 shades currently available from the @maybelline #maybelline new #loadedbolds collection.

I pretty much loved all the shades from this collection but a shade or two did give me an issue. Nude Thrill settled into the fine lines of my lips and was way too light on my skin tone. Blackest Berry was streaky to apply at first and I still feel the final application was a tad patchy (maybe use a lip liner under this one). I had some issues with the shades themes Grey like gone Griege and grey over it because they were unmistakably brown and I didn't feel they leaned Griege or grey at all. Many of the darker Browns were also very similar with reddish undertones. This collection being called the loaded bolds also struck me as odd, while I saw this collection was coming from the lovely @nouveaucheap #nouveaucheap , And was super excited. I somewhat expected more in person. I felt like most of these shades are shades we've saw before from maybelline in the nude buffs collection, the vivids collection, and even the mattes. It's 2016 - we've seen pink, orange, and even bright purple before. And brown hasn't really been a bold shade since the 90's. I think the biggest and most different shades from this collection were the two blues - sapphire siren and midnight blue (also anticipating the black and the white that are part of the permanent collection) other than that- this collection wasn't terribly "bold". That being said, I loved the louder pink, purple, blue, and deep brown shades. I would have loved to see other funky shades though (true Griege and even grey, green, yellow, light purple, etc). I believe they are a matte formula but they apply like a satin and have quite a shine on the lips. Lightweight and comfortable wear 3-5 hours.

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