Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rimmel London Glam'eyes HD Review

Hey guys sorry about the hiatus. I am currently on vacation in Canada and when I come back I have so many products to share with you all! Today, though, I'm going to focus on a fabulous find from Rimmel London.

Let me just clarify, I have never liked Rimmel London cosmetics but this product has certainly changed my mind. Glam'eyes HD by Rimmel London is fantastic. I purchased 001 black cab, and 008 true union jack (this one I am the most excited about.)
Black Cab includes a bright shimmery white high lighter, a light metallic grey lid color, a dark grey metallic crease, and a nice sparkly metallic dark black for the outer corner. Each color is in their own separate part of the British flag. The back of the palette has instructions on which colors go where on your eyes. There is a 4 tipped sponge applicator, so if you don't happen to have brushes you can use this.
Now while I do love this palette since the colors are amazing for a smokey eye, are perfectly pigmented (not too pigmented that only the brave can wear, but also not under pigmented so that they show up beautifully on most skin colors), and since you have them all separate if you run out of one you have three other sections of the same color to use. (awesome!) Also the outer corner color doubles as a liner! Sparkly black liner, not just one but 4, yes please. There is plenty to use as both.
What's not awesome?
Well if you do decide to use makeup brushes rather than the sponge applicator you might wind up with more than one color on your brush since the colors are so close together and in very small sections. So I suggest sticking to the sponge applicator.
I personally use more lid color than highlighter color, I guess this can vary for different people so this might not even be a problem for other people, so the fact the the highlighter color is the most abundant is disappointing to me. On a positive note, when applying this palette for the first time I choose to use the highlighter as both a lid color and a highlighter (Black Cab). I believe it came out great.

(since I am currently on a mobile device I won't be able to edit and fix the layout of this entry nor add links so please bare with me until I have access to a computer =] )

As for the second palette , True Union Jack, this one has it's colors in a different order. The highlighter is a nice shimmery white, the lid color (most abundant) is a beautiful reddish-pink color), a bright navy blue for crease, and a dark metallic navy for the outer corner. Whether your American, Canadian, British, even French, you can use this palette patriotically or for just a colorful eye for the summer. It's a great selection of shades, and since each color is in its own separate part of the British flag you can use just the blues with white and use the pinkish color as a blush! I have yet to photograph the swatches of this so they will be added at a later date

My rating for this would be 4/5
Rimmel London has a great range of palettes for his product from shimmery browns, to purples, along with the other two shown here. With such a low price for high quality they are worth picking up. Only complaints, low amount of lid color in Black Cab and the difficulty of using makeup brushes in small color sections. Certainly worth adding to your collection.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marbella permanent eyeliner pen

While looking over some subscription services I happened to stumble upon this product, Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen. This eyeliner claims that it is permanent, water proof, and that you can even swim and shower with it on. Needless to say I loved the idea of this eyeliner and had to have it!
When the package arrived it contained a paper with instructions both inspirational and serious. I was upset to learn a few things
-It can't be applied over foundation, eyeshadow, any powder, or primer because these can block the pores on the applicator. This pretty much makes it useless if your the kind of chick who likes to wear more than just mascara and eyeliner.
- Advises to not use with contact lenses. So if you're someone like me who wears contacts, you'll have to wear glasses or be really careful when applying.
So after the rules there are some inspiring words shown here:

As for actual wear, I think the word "permanent" is an over exaggeration. The paper insert said this liner can be worn while swimming and showering. The first thing I though was "awesome I can still be dolled up while swimming or getting frisky in the shower", but this claim isn't all it's cracked up to be. First of all after wearing it for only a few hours in 80 degree weather, the liner was bleeding into my eyelid and creating a black semi circle above my lids. Waterproof liquid liner has never done this for me. So I was dissatisfied already. Then I took a light shower, didn't even wash my face, and the liner began to run on one side staining my cheek.
The good aspects of this liner?
- the applicator is easy to use and has great precision. It's good for the perfect cat eye or more eccentric design.
- if used with all he precautions of a regular liner, it's not half bad.
$19 dollars
It's only worth it when using the 50% off coupon sumer2012 reduces it to about 10 dollars.
You can find it here!

Application: Smooth and easy to apply

Original application.

After shopping for 3 hours in 80 degree weather.

After a shower.

Packaging 5/5
Sleek and air tight for product longevity.
Products: 3/5
Predominantly offers liners for eyes and lips. If their other liners are anything like this.. pass.
Customer service 3/5
Nice insert with shipping, but very slow. No answer when questioned no it.
Quality 2/5
  Doesn't deliever on what it promises and is over priced when not using a coupon.
Overall rating 3.25/5
Good applicator, great packaging, but doesn't live up to its promises and is over priced. Pass.

Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen

Purple Lipstick- The Fabulous Color You Need!

For so many years many cosmetic companies only sold lipstick shades in pinks, reds, browns, and other neutrals. Lucky for us the cosmetic companies like to flip things up every now and then spanning as far back as the 50s. The neutral decades of the 40s, 50s, we're followed. By bright, and fun makeup of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. By the 90s bright fun colors slowly faded out right about the same time of body glitter. The resurgence of bright fun colors has been gaining speed since 2008 and I sincerely hope it continues.

So whats this about purple lipstick... Oh yeah! So every cosmetic company from Mac (not that unexpected) to revlon (very unexpected!) have been releasing amazing purple shades! Those with pink undertones, or in the plum family are great for everyday, even work wear. While bright, super opaque true purples with blue bases are great for going out or for just having all eyes on you!

L-R Flashy, Mauve Outta here, Lavender Tint, Berry Haut, VaVa Violet, Raquel, Rude Girl, Heroine, Violette Coquette, Airborne Unicorn, and D'Lilac
Bright sunlight L-R Airborne Unicorn, D'lilac, Flipsick dark side, flipstick light size, Mauve Outta Here , Lavender Tint, Berry Haute, VaVa Violet, Raquel, Rude Girl, Heroine, and Violette Coquette
Medium sun light L-R Airborne Unicorn, D'lilac, Flipsick dark side, flipstick light size, Mauve Outta Here, Lavender Tint, Berry Haut, VaVa Violet, Raquel, Rude Girl, Heroine, and Violette Coquette

These are my favorite purples and why I love them so much:
(arranged from low end (drugstore) to high end (premium brands)

Lavender Tint 301- NK cosmetics - $1.49
This is the creamiest most moisturizing lipstick I've ever tried. It's made with. Vitamin E, super cheap, and he color is just beautiful on the lips. It has a soft pink undertone, and in certain lights can even pass for a pink. It's everything it's name implies... Just a tint of lavender.

Mauve Outta Here-907C- wet n wild -$2.99
Beautiful matte color. Has pink undertones and is in the plum family. Lasts all day and can be worn to work since the purple is very subtle. Since it is matte the color is very opaque.

Berry Haute-660- revlon-$4-$7
Another plum family purple, this color is very creamy. It takes a few swipes to achieve full purple, so you can choose the shade to your liking. While this shade has pink undertones in it, it is still unmistakably purple. It is another shade that can be worn to work without being too flashy.

Flashy-851-covergirl blastflipstick- $8
Dark side
Light Side
Ok now we are getting a little flashy. This two in one purple lipstick is absolutely perfect if your still on the fence. One end is a shimmery light purple while the other end is a dark violet purple. Combine the two to make your perfect shade or use one or the other. At least your getting two shades and have the ability to find what purple works for you. This colour is creamy and can sometimes dye the lips like a lip stain if you use more of the dark violet side. Still worth it though.

Va va violet- 663- Revlon- $4-$7
Dark, plum, violet. This is not for the subtle. It is a very dark purple, and perfect if you want to make a statement or if it matches your outfit (I'm guilty of this). It is creamy so you may need a few swipes so that it does not appear streaky.

Airborne Unicorn- lime crime- $16
This is an opaque plum purple. Very similar in color to berry haut except much more pigmented. It has an undertone of pink and a lovely vanilla sent. The glittery unicorn against the purple tube will make you feel like a kid. Not to mention this color looks good on most any skin tone.

D'Lilac- limecrime- $16
Extremely light purple and very opaque. This is a milky color and mot for all skin colors since it can sometimes look grayish. Definitely for the daring. It has blue undertones and a lovely vanilla smell. Also has a glittery unicorn on its tube.

Raquel- ka'oir- $14
A fantastic opaque light purple. This is a true light purple with minimal pink undertones. The perfect shade to choose if you jump into the purple side

Rude girl- ka'oir-$14
Wearing this you may get some looks, but you'll also most certainly get complimented. This is a dark true purple, lots of blue undertones, and looks good on all skin colors. It lasts many hours, isn't drying, and so opaque that the colour you see in the tube is the one you will see on your lips.

Heroine-Mac- $14.50

This matte purple is a true violet. Since it is matte the colour lasts long on the lips. This is a very daring color but also a very beautiful one. Any woman with confidence can pull this one off. Probably not sutable for work unless you work at Mac.

Violette Coquette- 381- rouge in love- Lancôme- $25
While very similar to heroine, this color is not a matte. It does however last long on the lips and is a statement color. It is a true violet as the name implies and would look lovely on any skin tone.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lancôme Rouge In Love- Violette Coquette and Color Design-Tango Fusion Review plus extras!

A couple of weeks ago while out with a friend of mine at century 21 (an average department store in NYC) I stumbled upon a color lipstick that I have been looking for, for ages. It's almost mind boggling how many oranges I've tried that some how always turn up red against my skin tone. Thanks to Lancôme, I can now say my search is over. While browsing the colors I found that pop bright orange with minimal undertones of red, and of course it was sold out. In fact the store had only ordered two of that color, both of which sold out the day it debut. So I headed over to Lancôme and that is where this review really begins...

After I added my dream orange, Tango Fusion color design 138 (cream) to the cart I was told I was getting a free sample of bi-facil (makeup remover). I was pretty excited since I've been using harsh bar soap on my face to remove makeup for a few weeks now and this will end my face's suffering. I then noticed a coupon, deluxjun, which entitles the buyer, after spending $45 to free shipping and 5 samples. I figured why not and choose another color lipstick. The Rouge In Love collection really caught my eye. I choose Violette Coquette 381. Yet another deep purple.

The five samples included in this promotion code were an eyeshadow quad containing a soft pink shadow- Pink Pearls (matte), a deep black- It List (matte), a medium shimmery purple- Zip Me Up (metallic) and a medium pink- Fashion Admirer (matte). The quad includes a mirror. Lancôme genifique- youth activating concentrate ( for face), Lancôme genifique- youth activating eye concentrate, Lancôme renergie éclat multi-lift multi-action tinted skincare illuminate + lift, and Defincils high definition mascara. And as if all that wasn't enough they offered me another sample at check out, I chose Cils booster XL base mascara.

Everything listed above with tax and free shipping came out to $51 dollars
The actual worth and review:

Tango Fusion- $22
is a creamy bright orange, lasts on the lips for quite a few hours. Just a note the tube is not like a normal lipstick tube. When the lipstick is stood up the lipstick inside is actually upside down. It is worth adding to your lipstick collection because every girl should have an orange that doesn't turn red on her skin. It is an opaque color but since it is a cream formula it does need few swipes on the lips to achieve full color. There are plenty of reds to choose from, but this isn't one of them. This is great for summer because of its light color, and it's creamy consistency will keep your lips moisturized even in extended sun exposure.
Violette Coquette- $25
A deep violet comparable to the recently sold out reel sexy heroin (matte) lipstick from Mac, has blue and pink undertones but is suitable for even the not so daring. It is opaque, but since it is also creamy you can swipe it once for a tint of purple or swipe it a few times over for the full effect. The silver tube is so romantic looking, a square of shined metal (against the matte metal of the rest of the tube) says rouge in love in red lettering. Down the back of the tube is what looks like lace sewn on with red ribbon. While I love everything about this lipstick I wish it was a little larger. It is only .12 fl. Oz. (tango fusion is .14 fl. Oz).
Eye shadow quad colors : free - worth: $36
This quad has a great choice of colors. You can create a smokey purple eye, a pastel pink and purple eye, smokey rose eye , or use all of them at once (medium pink as an all over lid, purple as a crease, light pink as a high light, black as a contour and a liner). Opaque and bendable.
Bi-facil ( 1.7 fl. Oz) free- worth: $13.50
I love this, when I run out of this sample this will be buying more and this will be my go to makeup remover. It only took a light amount on a piece of cotton ball to take off all my makeup. Yes, ALL. Even my water proof liner and mascara, gone. My face feels smooth, soft and moisturized, not greasy or heavy, and no weird scents. This is makeup remover heaven in a bottle.
Renergie éclat multi-lift 10ml - free- worth: $30
When applying this to my face it felt very smooth and very light. My skin looked a little brighter after using it.
Genifique- youth activating concentrate .25 fl. Oz -free worth: $27
Felt cool on my face, had a slight scent. I've only used it once so I can't tell you as of yet if it has worked or has made my face more youthful.
Genifique eye .25 fl. Oz: free - worth: $30
This is lovely. I have dark circles and bags under my eyes and applying this just once I see a slight difference. Fast working, I like that.
Defincils mascara .07 fl. Oz: free- worth: $5
This made my eye lashes look fake, the good kind of fake. Not having to apply fake eyelashes, since I'm terrible at it anyway, is a god send.
Cils booster XL mascara base .07 fl. Oz: free- worth: $5
I put this under the mascara mentioned above. Honestly it worked just as good as the two in one kinds you can find in drugstores. But it was wonderful to try it.
Total worth: $193 a saving of over $142 dollars

$193 worth of products for $51

quad- it list, pink pearl, zip me up, and fashion admirer

Bi-facil, Renergie éclat multi-lift, Genifique eye

Cils Booster XL, Genifique, Definicils

Violette Coquette and Tango Fusion

Tango Fusion and Rouge In Love -Violette Coquett

Tango Fusion

Violette Coquette

Eyeshadow - Zip me up, fashion admirer, pink pearls, and it list

Rating Packaging 5/5
So pretty, so elegant, and sturdy. You can tell this company pays attention to details.
Products: 5/5
Amazing selection. They have something for everyone. Great range of colors. And for the quality the price is on que.
Customer service 3/5
Very, very slow shipping with no reason as to why it took so long. 
Quality 5/5
Expensive for products, but when you shop during their sales when free samples are given out, you will get way more than you pay for!
Overall rating 4.5/5
While this is only my first purchase, i really browsed the products, not only in person at the Lancome counter, but also their website. Their quality is comparable to other high end brands and i think i might even choose this brand over mac from now on!

** To further my point of frustration from my Limecrime post, the mascaras shown here are about the same size as the so called full size eye liners from limecrime. Furthering my point that Doe Deer is selling sample products as full sized and charging $13***

Mac Heroine Matte lipstick Review

So a few months back Mac released the Reel Sexy collection. Meant to mimic the drama and fun of movies this collection is filled with colors that pop, for nails, lips, and eyes.

Now I was a little late to hear about this fantastic collection, but none the less, I picked myself up some Heroine. If there is one thing I can't pass up is purple lipstick and my lord is this purple. I am so relived to see so many companies jumping on this trend. In a future post I will discuss all your possible options for purple lipstick, from light and subtle to in your face violet.

This lipstick is incredibly smooth. Most mattes are a little chalky here or dying there, but not Mac. Their signature vanilla sent when opening the tube always excites me, but, long, easy wear is what keeps me coming back. This color lasted all day, and even when the undertones of this color began to show through (blueish), I was still pleased with the color, an my lips never felt dry. The color is very opaque and true to the tube. What you see is what you get on your lips.

I think of this as a color every adventurous, trendy, conservative rebel needs in their collection. For those that don't walk on the wild side It's daring, I know, but it very a very flattering color and with minimal makeup else wear on the face, and with minimal accessories even the meekest of the makeup goers can pull this one off!

Since its no longer available via the Mac cosmetics websites I suggest you check out your local Mac counter, eBay, or amazon. I wish you luck on your hunt for this fantastic color, and let's all hope for Heroine to one day be added into the permanent collection.

Packaging 5/5
Simple and classic mac, cant ever go wrong with it
Products: 4/5
This company always delivers great cosmetics, however, i wish a lot of their limited lines would stick around longer
Customer service 5/5
The Mac girls are the counters i have visited have always been polite and helpful.
Quality 5/5
While on the more expensive side, their quality is amazing. I have mac lipsticks from 2006 that feel just as new as the day i got them. They are made to last.
Overall rating
4.8/5- Classic box and tube, great color payoff, fantastic product!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Julep Maven June Mystery Box

Julep Maven June Mystery Box
Mystery Box pre-opening
Today arrived the box I've been waiting almost a week and a half for, my Julep Maven June Mystery Box. Every so often offers mavens and non mavens the chance to buy a mystery box worth anywhere from 60$ to 200$. For non mavens the box is 60$ for mavens who enter the COLOR2012 promotion code it is 19.99$. Julep is a subscription service offering nail polishes and extras shipped every month for a price of 19.99 including free shipping! Best of all the first month costing only one penny for new mavens. Click here to take your style quiz today, and sign up.

Elixir, eye dropper, scrub, age defying cream, Emma, Gayle, and emery board.

The box I received is worth 75$ (Other blogs have listed this as worth more they however did not take into account the sizes of certain products).
 It included:
An emery board: worth $2
I am always uses these so I am glad i received a new one!
Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener 1 fl. Oz.: Sample size worth $10.60
I'm not sure why I would need to fight aging and want to brighten up my hands but this cream does have a nice feel to it
Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub 1 fl. Oz.: Sample size worth $10.60
A nice scrub. I like how soft and rejuvenated this made my hands feel.
Elixir-organic Moroccan argan oil 1 fl. oz.: Full size worth $24

My first thoughts? What am I a gypsy? But seriously, after smelling it's light scent, and using it on my skin via the eye dropper, it was light and made my skin feel smooth. As described on the bottle this is also good for hair and nails. I can't wait to use this on my split ends and my cuticles. Thank you julep.

As for the nail colors I received
Emma ($14) - a shimmery/iridescent pinkish purpleish color. It is bright and sparkly and I think would make an excellent accent nail in between gayle.

Gayle ($14)- a deep violet. Very opaque. And will be perfect for when fall starts. With an accent nail of Emma it is he perfect combination to go from summer to fall.


Overall I was underwhelmed at first glance since I was hoping for more polish and less product but I really am happy with my box. I am pretty sure I will purchase future mystery boxes due to the whole lottery feel of it and the sheer value of everything for a fraction of the price no matter what box you get. Even though it is an additional $19.99 to the subscription price I like having the option to get one. Besides most manicures with polish are more than 20 dollars and at least with Julep I get to keep the polish and he products and pamper myself. It also doesn't hurt to know tht my friends can also share in the amazing products with me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Individualeyes Custom Compact by NYC Review

While I really wasn't planning on doing another drug store review so soon my recent trip to Duane Reade lead me to buy a few items which i am about to completely rave about. You ready for this?

So I know I might be a little behind in comparison to other bloggers but when i saw NYC (New York Color) had color palettes that not only contained all the colors necessary to create a flawless eye look but also came with a base AND an illuminater i nearly had a cosmetic induced orgasm right there in the store. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS! The palettes, which are geared toward different shades of eye colour and have adorable New York themed names such as Union Square (for brown eyes) and Central Park (for green eyes)  are only 5 dollars. Thats right for 5 dollars you get 4 eye shaddows and two different kinds of bases, along with a how to on the back. That is less than a dollar a shadow.

Now i have been skeptical of N.Y.C cosmetics in the past. I started to buy them back in early 2000 when their eye shadows were extremely powdery, did not last long in the container nor the eye, and if you ever doped it it was a powder bomb. The quality was exactly what you were paying for. However, over the years N.Y.C. has really started to produce some quality makeup while retaining their cheap prices. They understand that even though there is a recession we still want quality makeup!

The items i purchased were 942 - Smoky Blue Individualeyes Custom Compact, and 939 Bryant Park Individualeyes Custom Compact. FYI: I do not have blue eyes, but these colors were too goo to pass up.

 Side by side
Bryant Park 939
Smoky Blue eyes 942
 942 Smoky Blue comes with slightly metallic golden highlighter, a slightly metallic silver all over lid, a sparkly dark brown crease, and a purpleish brown contour. Each color is smooth, soft, and highly pigmented. This is one of those rare products that you can create a really nice look without a base. The primer base makes the colors pop and last all day while the illuminator brings out the colors sparkle and also helps the color to last all day and adhere to the eyelid like the primer base.
 Instructions on the back.
   939 Bryant Park comes with a pastel purple highlighter, greyish purple all over lid, medium purple crease, and gray blue contour. These are also soft, highly pigmented and can be made to pop by simply applying them over the primer base or illuminator base.

 Smoky Blue
On the right is the shadows over the primer base, on the left is over the illuminator base. The illuminator base makes the metallic colors stand out more.
From bottom to top - highlighter, all over lid, crease, contour.

 Bryant Park
On the right is the primer base and on the left is the illuminator base. The illuminator base made the gray look a bright pastel blue i loved it!
From bottom to top- Contour, crease, all over lid and highlighter. Not to be bias or anything but this one is my favorite of the two Individualeyes palettes.
 What i used to create my look using bryant park.
Foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush, blender brush, contour brush, and liner brush. I also used covergirl face powder, and N.Y.C all over primer. Lastly i used L'Oreal Volumous mascara.
 Step by step:
1- Primer base was applied
2- All over lid shadow
3- Crease shadow
4- Highlighter under the brow
5-Contour in the outer corners
6- I used a blending brush to blend the shadows together
7- Lined under my eye with the contour color using a liner brush
8- and lastly i applied some blue sparkle liner using a N.Y.C pencil in starry blue sky found here.
(Not shown, mascara applied)

Now a few things i really love overall about these palettes are the fact that if you are traveling you can pop them in with your brushes, or into a small makeup bag and you have everything you need to complete an eye shadow look. The contour color doubles as an eye liner when using an eyeliner brushes.  Plus, and i really cant get over this, that it comes with its own primers! Really the only thing you need aside from this pallette is brushes if you like them over the sponge applicator, and maybe mascara. And even if you choose not to use the instructions on the back, since the colors blend really well you can create many different looks.

Qaulity 5/5
You are getting about 20 dollars worth of product for only 5 (Lancome sells a comparable palette sans base for 50 dollars). The shadow lasts all day when used with either base. Highly pigmented.
Packaging 5/5
Easy open. Sturdy. See through. Easy close.
Products: 3/5
There is a color combination for everyone! My only complaint is that the base only comes in a light fleshtone leaving out other skin colors. I found this a little insensitive.
Customer service N/A
Overall rating 4.3/5
I think for 5 dollars every girl should pick one up and have one in her purse. You cant go wrong with one of these palettes!

You can find these at drugstores. Or check them out on their website here- New York Color