Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Big Pink Box January 2013 Review

I kid you not, The Big Pink Box is the one subscription that, good or bad, i always look forward to. I know there will always be items that i have never tried before or never heard of before and i will discover a new brand, or a few new brands to fall in love with. The Big Pink Box is a subscription service that offers subscribers a monthly box filled with items from small women owned businesses. These items are unique in that you wont find them in other boxes. The items are full size and sample sizes of nail polish, accessories, bath and beauty products, and even clothes! If you would like to sign up please go here!

This month The Big Pink Box went Green in more ways than one. While i love the green tissue paper in honor of Pantone's color of the year Emerald, I wish there was still an information card included. I am all for saving trees so it isn't so bad! Information on products and companies included in this month's month was sent via email.

JapOw Boutique Bow Tie by Makeda Siripanhya-
When i first saw this bow i thought perhaps it was a hair clip of some sort. Turns out its an easy to wear clip on bow tie. I contacted the owner shortly after receiving this item and she, so nicely, uploaded a video on to youtube of how to wear this since i was a little confused. She was so sweet about it! Very impressed.

Pedicureans Stimulate Hydrating Serum with UV Protection by Brooke Young-
When i first sprayed this product on my arm to test the smell of mint made me feel alert and awake. I loved how it felt on my skin as well. It felt gentle and soft. I checked out and Brooke has some fantastic items. I will be blogging about a recent purchase from her site soon! If you like natural skin and foot products that deliver on their promise you should check her out!

 Miss. Behaving Fashions Earings from Kierria Taylor-
These earrings are perfect! I love bold statement jewelry and these are just gorgeous. As i mentioned pantone named emerald the color for 2013 and thanks to The Big Pink box i was introduced so a beautiful Emerald colored piece. I also checked out Kierria's site which includes lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry perfect for a girl on a budget. "Beauty on a Budget" is her slogan and i couldn't agree more. Can't wait to make a purchase.

Chic Mode Style Earings-
These earrings are lovely! Flexible wide gold hoops with white stones toward the middle are big enough to make a statement but sleek enough to be classy. I really like these and can not stop wearing them. For more beautiful pieces like this please check out this company!
Instagram- @Chicmodestyle

 Bells's Jewelry Box-
When i looked at this item i was so confused. I really was. Banged up hearts, messed up ribbon, and scratches. I was really kind of surprised at this piece. While i had harsh judgements at first i contacted Belles Jewelry and a replacement is being sent. So before i give this company a full review i will wait for that piece.

Curls Sample-
While i do not have curly hair and could not give a review on this product it will make a nice gift to my friend who does have curly hair!

Overall this subscription gets better and better every month. I love discovering new companies that are small enough to be personal with their customers but also offer some fantastic products i would have otherwise not known about. While i may not always be pleased with every product it is nice to know that the lovely ladies who send their products to be in The Big Pink Box are always helpful, friendly, and informative. Subscribe today at

If you are a woman who owns a company and wants to reach a larger customer base, please apply to be apart of The Big Pink Box!

Julep January 2013 Resort Collection Nail Wardrobe Review and Swatches

If you live in the northern states or even the middle states you know that January is all about cold weather, grey sky's, and snow. Julep, a Seattle based company, thought it would be a fantastic idea to let their nail polish collection for January take you away to warmer seasons. The nudes and neon's for the Resort Collection are just the thing to warm you up, even if it is just your finger tips!

Included in this months box, aside from gorgeous colors were three neon twist ties, swatch me stickers, and a hand and cuticle stick.

Each bottle had a swatch me sticker already on top. If you didn't know, each bottle of Julep polish has a removable cap so it is super easy to paint the sticker and then place the cap back on the bottle.

The collection-

Bethany, Mindy, Fiona, Teresa
Bethany, Mindy, Fiona, Teresa

Ava, Bette, Grace, Madison
Ava, Bette, Grace, Madison
Amelia, Nikki, Nina
Amelia, Nikki, Nina

Julep January 2013 Resort Collection Nail Wardrobe

For some nail inspiration and beauty tips, Julep included this card!

Overall i thought that this month contained some, not so conventional, winter colors. For those in colder states, like Julep's home of Seattle, these colors were a nice little pick me up from drab and cold winter days. For some this box may have seemed like a hit or miss since not everyone is a fan of nudes or neons. I however thought that this box was fantastic since i love bot nudes and neons, and aside from the minor formula issues i was having i found this to be right on pare with Julep's great quality. Plus the extras were pretty fun.

... Some parting words.

If you are not currently a maven subscriber and would like to know more please check out
Juelp is a nail polish company that is based in Seattle that offers a nail polish subscription service for 20$ a month (includes shipping). Each month Julep will send you a box of nail polish and extras. You start off by taking a style quiz so that each month you can be paired best with your style. If you dont like your style you can always choose another one, upgrade to the whole collection, add on colors, or even skip entirely and not be charged a dime. Julep has consistently high quality nail polish and products and each box is always worth more than the charge of $20. These polishes sell in sephora for almost $15 each. Why pay full price when you can treat yourself every month to polish and products at a discount! If you would like to sign up your box is only one PENNY! Use promo code PENNY. Sign up here!

ELF Shimmer Lips Review and Swatches

I have the most amazing friend! My friend Krys bought me this fantastic gloss collection for Christmas. The ELF Shimmer Lips gloss set included a sheer nude, light pink, hot pink, and red gloss each filled with shimmer. While on the sheer side these glosses did make my lips shiny and shimmery. These had a light scent but no bad taste. Were not heavy on the lips.

Sheer shimmery nude. Adds just a bit of shimmer and is clear enough to let the natural pigmentation of the lip show though.

Light sheer pink with light pigmentation. A little creamy looking on the lips.

A hot pink shimmer gloss. While sheer it does deposit a bit of color on the lips.

A sheer red gloss. This shimmery red gloss looks beautiful on the lips and layered over red lipstick. I did not like that it settled into my lips but i still love how it looks!

Overall i loved this set and i am thankful my friend got it for me! <3