Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disney Cinderella Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set from Sephora Review and Swatches

You dont need magic to have a magical kiss!
Sephora has released a wonderful new collection, based on the Disney Cinderella cartoon movie, that includes lipsticks, eye shadow, and even perfume. Let me just start off by saying i would like to thank my friend Krys, follow her amazing blog here!, for telling me about this wonderful collection! This entry will focus on the lipsticks!

Moonlit Kiss Lipstick is a set of four lipstick's right out of Cinderella's world! Each lipstick tube is shiny silver with white draping vines that hang down from the top of the cap. The packing is reminiscent of 1700's England/France.

Each shade has a name inspired by the movie! A dark pink red named Lady Tremaine - the evil step mother, A peachy pink named Pumpkin, a warm Pink named Who Is She? and a sparkly pink named My Moment. Check out the Disney bar code!

Lady Tremaine, Pumpkin, Who is She? and My Moment

Lady Tremaine- 
In the tube this shade looks like a rich burgundy red or even a purple red, this is a little deceiving. This shade is more of a dark pinkish red. It glides on feeling like a matte but looks like a glossy high shine color. It reminded me of Revlon Lip butter's. It is mostly opaque but it does have a slight level of sheer to it. Has potential to bleed. It is not streaky. My only small complaint is that these shades have a drugstore lipstick smell to them. Not overly offensive but when you get used to the sweet vanilla smell in MAC, you get a little spoiled. While this shade wont show the flaws in your lips i do recommend that you use balm on your lips earlier in the day so that your lips are soft prior to putting this on. I did not use balm or lip primer under my lips for the following pictures. Bring out your inner Disney villain with this color.

Lady Tremaine with flash

Lady Tremaine with flash
Lady Tremaine without flash

Lady Tremaine with flash over bare lips

Lady Tremaine without flash over bare lips
A creamy, peachy, pink. This opaque color is a beauty. Glides on creamy (different feeling from Lady Tremaine) and gives a completely even coverage. Since it is a softer color it will show a few of the flaws in your lips so it is a good idea to have exfoliated lips or wear balm for a day prior to wearing this. I suggest when you aren't wearing lipstick in general to wear balm it keeps your lips forever lipstick ready. This shade reminds me of the fairy god mother!

Pumpkin without flash
Pumpkin with flash

Pumpkin applied over bare lips without flash

Pumpkin applied over bare lips with flash.

 Who Is She?
This warm pink is on the darker side of pink. This shade isn't as creamy as Pumpkin but it is as opaque. This lipstick will give you even coverage, no bleeding, non streaky, and feels soft on the lips. This will last on the lips for about four hours.

Who is She? with flash
Who is She? without flash

Who is She over bare lips without flash

Who Is She? over bare lips with flash

My Moment-
I believe this shade is a Luminizer. This shade is pure micro shimmer. This will lighten the color of your natural lips while adding lots of shimmer. Has a pearl like shine to it. If i were to compare it to MAC it would be like the creme-sheen + pearl colors. If you layer this color over darker colors they will become lighter and have a pearl finish, layered under they will become a little lighter but with no pearl finish. This shade is soft and sheer.
My Moment with flash

My Moment without flash

My Moment over bare lips without flash

My Moment over bare lips with flash.

How do you feel about makeup collections based off of Disney Movies/ Princesses?

Edit: I tried to match up the colors to the movie the best i could! (Images copy-write of Disney, i do not own these pictures)

Cinderella wearing Pumpkin
Lady Tremaine wearing Lady Tremaine.

Fairy God Mother in My Moment.

Cinderella wearing Who Is She?

Influenster's New Layout

I am the kind of person who doesn't like change, i like things the way that they are. Like when changed things up (the last 107 times) i was very upset, when changed its layout up, i hated it, BUT when flipped things up i was very surprised- PLEASANTLY!

With more opportunities to get relevant badges, the ability to review products and add your own to reviews to your favorite products, public profiles, and ease of navigation, it was a welcomed changed. If you aren't already a member of Influenster you can go to their page and check it out! Read some reviews, check out the members in the community, or just check out the new layout!

Just in case you have never heard of Influenster before let me walk you through what it is all about! By taking surveys, reviewing products, and connecting socially, Influenster gives you the opportunity, based on how influential you are, to receive voxbox's based on your badges (earned from surveys). Voxbox's have themes like beauty, mom, naturals, even brides! These boxes are geared toward people who know a little about these kinds of products and can give informed opinions.

 Are you influential in your group of friends? I have 5 invites to give to influential people! Leave a comment below and i will send you an invite so that you can join one of the most fun and interactive websites on the internet!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

I think this is going to be the Fall of palettes for me! There are so many coordinated and high quality palettes available that I've become slightly obsessed with them. While i do love being creative and choosing my own color scheme, some busy morning i just want a great eye look already prepared for me to just put together on my lid the way i choose so i can get out the door. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow is everything a cosmeholic could dream of. High pigmentation, amazing color pairing, stay closed packaging, and lasts all day. The shades that contain micro glitter are prone to minimal fall out so be prepared for that, and the more pearlesq shades are quite soft so don't be hard on them.

These shadows can be applied in anyway you like, i prefer to use the second color as my lid color, third color as my crease color, last color as my outer v and defining color, and the first as my brow high lighter. You can also used the first shade to primer your eye as an all over lid color then use second for a crease, third for your inner eye and last for your outer eye definer and liner. Or use them alone!

80 Pink Persuasion:
From left to right- Light silver white, soft silvery white, silver, and black with microglitter. Soft, feminine, and just a little retro. Pair with a pink or nude lip.
Maybelline pink persuasion 80 applied over primer with flash

 300 Sea Sprite:
Left to right- soft green white, light yellow pearl, seafoam green pearl, and forest green. This sea inspired palette will make any eye color pop.
300 sea sprite applied over primer without flash
300 sea sprite applied over primer with flash

400 Olive Martini
 Left to right- Soft light taupe, silvery white, brown with green pearl shine, and chocolate brown with micro glitter.
These photos do this shade no justice. Why do i say that? Because this shade is more than just browns and neutrals, it has dementions that can only be seen in real life. If you loved dragon scales by Lime Crime the third color is very similar but more brown.

400 Olive Martini over primer with flash
400 Olive Martini over primer without flash

 60 Spirited Seas
Left to Right- Light taupe, pearlesq sky blue, medium blue, and copper brown with a gold shine. This is the second marine themed shadow in this collection. These colors blend very well together and including a copper really helps the blues to stand out! A nice deep red lipstick and you might just catch yourself a sailor!

 60 Spirited Seas over primer without flash
 60 Spirited Seas over primer without flash

 60 Spirited Seas over primer with flash.
 90 Irresistibly Ivy
Left to right- Light taupe, orange copper, deep blue green, and chocolate brown. This is one of my favorites! Neutrals with a nice green/blue thrown in. I have created a sample look below.

 90 Irresistibly Ivy
 90 Irresistibly Ivy
90 Irresistibly Ivy over primer with flash
90 Irresistibly Ivy over primer no flash
 These shadows are available for purchase in most drugstores, and also on and

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Glam Bag / Ipsy Beauty By You September 2012 Review and Swatches

Have you heard? Glam Bag has a new name, a new look, and the same amazing quality. Introducing Ipsy, a personalized subscription service that sends you items based on you and your needs.This months Ipsy, which focus's on the consumer and what she would want and her beauty looks, featured a great range of products! Just a note, this month still contained products in the way Glam Bag would send them, starting in October products will be based off of beauty profiles.

Same hot pink shipping bag!
The information card had faces of real subscribers on it! How personal!
 This month's bag theme is beauty by you. This sleek and simple black bag is perfect for holding the essentials.
Included this month:
The wide range of products that subscrupers recieved this month- A tool, hair product, nail product, lip product and eye product! Talk about range!

London SoHo New York Smudge Brush-
This looks like a large crease or shadow brush and makes blending very easy. So the name is a little off but the quality is spot on. Soft bristles that don't feel like rough plastic against my skin is always a plus.
$5.79 at Walmart. 
Full Size

Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer-
I have so many split ends that this was a welcomed edition into my hair care collection. While shampoos can fix the problem temporarily and make hair shiny and sleek, this actually works to start repairing or at least bond the ends to the strands. The sample in the picture looks small but it was actually the length of the palm of my hand.
$25 dollars for full size 1.7oz
Worth of sample: $6.25

Circus by Andreas Choice- Tightrope
When i found out we were getting this nail polish brand again i was both happy and disappointed. For three months in a row subscribers have been receiving  Andreas choice polish whose polish is bright  and comes in cute packaging but sometimes you just want to try something new, that's the point of a subscription service right? This color is a matte bright purple that dries just a little darker than what you see in the bottle.
Full size could not find price

Mirabella Eyeshadow in Semiformal-
There are a few things about this product that i am very confused about. This shadow, which i thought would be in a container, is a stand alone. This means that after you take it out of the package it is simply a de-potted or unpotted shadow. If you aren't well stocked with empty palettes or pots you may be at a loss at where to put this and risk shattering it. This soft brown color while beautiful should have been contained in more than just a paper covering.
$10 dollars for full size
Received full size.

This mini palette from ELF which only costs $1 is perfect for your unpotted shadows. Just attach a small dab of glue or a small magnet to the back of the shadow so it doesn't fall out.

Jane Sparkle Gloss-
This sparkly pink gloss will make your lips look soft, shiny, and glittery. Non sticky, no weird taste, and has just enough color to add a tint. Perfect if you need to down play your lips or are going for really dramatic eyes. You can get %20 off your purchase using code JaneIpsy!
$10 for a pack of three.
This sample is worth $3.33

An extra surprise!
This months bag contained a 20 dollars off first purchase to Just Fab, just use code Ipsy20!  Since everything is about $40 dollars this is your %50 off coupon! While this bag was already worth a significant amount, this drives it over $45 dollars (without this promotion the worth is $25 which is still fantastic considering this subscription only costs $10!)