Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hello Flexible Hair, Hello Air Spray from Pantene Review

I love trying new products for my hair. I tend to be a little neglectful when it comes to what I do with my hair and a new product forces me to pay attention. I recently got to try the @pantene #airspray hairspray and there were a few things I imedatly noticed about it.
From first spray, I could smell a soft, feminine sent. I liked that it didn't smell like some heavier products I remember from when I was younger. This added just a little something and it was, in no way, overpowering. My hair itself felt like there was added control and volume without feeling heavy, I was able to brush my hair without feeling like it was the 80s again. My hair was flexible and manageable. Very impressed. #pantenexinfluenster #helloairspray
I received this product complimentary of influsenster for reviewing and testing purposes all opinions are my own.

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