Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Peter Pan Simply Ground: #SnackwithSimply Review and Snack Ideas

Recently I had the opportunity to try Peter Pan Simply Ground peanut butter, complimentary, through the influenster program. I picked up my complimentary jar and also a spare as there are two flavors and I wanted to try both! 

Upon trying, I noticed this peanut butter was soft, smooth, and creamy but also contained small pieces of peanuts throughout. It was a sweet combination of crunchy and smooth. This product is meant for dipping and snacking so I tried it a few ways. Dipping cookies directly in was one of my favorites, but this product works well with apple slices, celery, carrots, even just having a spoonful to satisfy a craving for something sweet!

A recipe I would recommend is taking two, crunchy, chocolate chip cookies and placing a generous amount of simply ground between them. Freeze for a few hours or overnight in a ziplock bag and you have a chocolate-peanut butter sandwich that will knock your socks off! 

If that's not your thing, Simply Ground also works amazing as a bagel spread. My son loved the flavor and texture!

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