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Temperature Rising and All About Orange Review and Swatches

Since i am so behind i decided to combine two recent collections into one post! Hope you guys don't mind!

Temperature Rising-
I loved this collection for its warm tones and rich colors. Some of the shades were borderline fall, but they do work for the season! I love that the collection is made colorful with just a pop of purple.

Limited Edition - 16.50$
Calienti- This dazzle formula is lightweight and shimmery. Burgundy base with gold and purple flecks of glitter. Can apply slightly streaky but overall is an easy to apply lipstick that gets about 4-5 hours of wear.
Sheer Seduction- Also a dazzle formula. equally light weight. Not as shimmery as Calienti, is a copper base with copper glitter which is most noticeable in direct sunlight.Lasts 4-5 hours
Feel My Pulse- A light and creamy light magenta in a cremesheen finish. Lats about 5 hours on the lips and goes on opaque in about one swipe.
Altered Beige- This yellow based beige in a luster finish is the perfect light nude. Goes on opaque in about 2 swipes and lasts about 3 hours on the lips. Creamy.

Top to bottom- Calienti, Sheer Seduction, Feel My Pulse
Altered Beige
Wearing Altered Beige on the lips and Temperature Rising Quad on my eyes- Swelter on lid, beauty marked on the outer corner, Performance Art on my brow bone, and Temperature Rising on the crease. Ripe for love on my cheeks and nude on board as my contour.
The Glosses in this collection were equally beautiful which shades that perfectly compliment the lipsticks.

Limited Edition-
Underdressed - This shade pairs perfectly with Calienti. This gloss is super glittery and contains flecks of gold and purple. It is a bit sheer on its own and lets your natural lip tone peek through when worn alone but really make the lips dazzle by layering over Calienti.
Rhythm- This semi sheer light magenta gloss has flecks of pink glitter. Over bare lips gives a hint of purple but over Feel My Pulse this shade really pops.
Soft Serenade-  This soft sheer gloss has flecks of copper in it. The sheerest of all four glosses gives the lips just a hint of glitter when worn alone. It is a very natural look and would look fantastic at the beach allowing for some sparkle without looking overdone. Also looks great layered over Sheer Seduction.
Liquid Passion- This lipglass is the most opaque  of the four and applies a bit milky. A yellow based nude will settle into the creases of your lips when worn alone but looks great over Altered Beige.

On the left is Underdressed, swatched on skin, and swatched over Calienti. On the right is Rhythm, swatched on skin, and swatched over Feel My Pulse.
Liquid Passion Lipglass

Rising Sun cremesheen glass from all about orange and Soft Serenade

From top to bottom - Rising Sun (from All About Orange), Soft Serenade, and Liquid Passion.

There were two quads featured in this collection. Each one very pigmented. These are a great improvement from the recent quads that MAC has been releasing. They apply easily, easy to blend, great pigmentation, no creases when applied over primer, 8 hour wear.

 Limited Edition- 44$
Bare My Soul -seems a bit fall in terms of color scheme it is meant to reflect the gold and bronzes of the beach, tans, and sun. The green allows these shades to really pop. Great for natural looks and smokey eyes. Romantico - is a soft beige, Bare My Soul- a golden yellow, Friendly is a chocolate brown, and When in Rio- is a green that has a bit of a teal reflection.
Temperature Rising- This quad is a great soft toned palette which is great for very girly eye looks and even a smokey eye look if using Beauty Marked on the lid. Performance Art- greyed lavender, Temperature Rising- a soft pinkish peach, Swelter- a lavender with a blue reflection, and Beauty Marked - is a blackened plum with red micro glitter. There was minimal fallout.

Bare My Soul Quad- L-R Romantico, Bare my Soul, Friendly, and When in Rio

Temperature Rising Quad- Performance Art, Temperature Rising, Swelter, Beauty Marked
Wearing Temperature Rising Quad with Swelter on the lid Rich Glance on the inner corner of the eye, Performance art on the brow bone, Temperature rising in the crease, and Beauty Marked on the outer v. Calienti and Underdressed on the lips. Ripe For Love on the cheeks and Nude on Board to define the cheeks.

Look idea!
 All About Orange-
This collection featured, well, orange! While some of the lipsticks were pinks that leaned orange the overall theme was pretty cohesive. This collection included 7 shades of lipsticks and three blushes. Featured many re promotes.

Limited Edition 15$
Neon Orange- This shade is permanent in the pro line and has an amplified finish. This shade leans the most red of all the shades. Very opaque when applied and lasts about 7 hours.
Tart and Trendy- Lustere and is a bright creamy orange. Leans a bit less red than neon orange. Even though it is a lustre it has even coverage and is opaque in about two swipes. Lasts about 3 hours on the lips.
Sushi Kiss- A light and creamy coral that reminds me of the color of salmon. This shade is half way between orange and pink. This shade has a satin finish and is opaque in one swipe. Lasts about 6 hours on the lips.
Tangerine Dream- This shade is also a lustre finish and is a bit sheer. This shade is a true orange that has a yellow base. While it does cover the lips in a few swipes it does let some of your natural lip shade peek through.
Sweet and Sour- This cremesheen lipstick lasts about 6 hours on the lips and is a light pink coral shade. Soft on the lips and the lightest of all the shades.
Razzledazzel- This lustre finish lipstick is a coral pink shade. Mostly opaque can look like a natural shade on the lips depending on your skin tone.
Flamingo- Also a lustre finish and it is a milky light coral. This shade leans more pink than orange and lasts about 4 hours on the lips. Mostly opaque.

Limited Edition 21$
Royal Sunset- Pinkish coral blush that glides on smooth and is easy to blend. Looks  very soft on the cheek.
Honey Jasmine- A peachy orange blush that gives the skin a bit of a natural blushed look.
Immortal Flower- A light peach that can also double as a highlighter depending on skin tone is applied over the apples of the cheeks.
MAC All About Orange Lipsticks- L-R Neon Orange, Tart and Trendy, Sushi Kiss, Tangerine Dream, Sweet and Sour, Razzledazzel, and Flamingo. From left to right All About Orange Blush in Royal Sunset, Honey Jasmine and  Immortal Flower.

All About Orange Swatches- On the left- Neon Orange, Tarte and Trency, Sushi Kiss, Flamingo, Royal Sunset, Honey Jasmine, Tangerine Dream, Sweet and Sour, Razzledazzle, and Immortal Flower.

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