Friday, June 7, 2013

Wantable June 2013 Jewelry Box

Wantable, a monthly Jewelry subscription, is only 36$ (includes shipping!) or 40$ per box with no commitment. Free return shipping, style profile to assure you get pieces you will like, skip a month option.

The theme of this month's box is bright statement pieces, and stunning metallics. While i got more metallics than i did bright pieces i am mostly satisfied. Wantable suggests pairing these pieces with bright lips, matte nails, and glowing cheeks. You know i will be trying these tips!


1-  Gold hoop earrings with birds on them- These small bird earrings really aren't my style and i was a bit confused about them at first since i checked off that i like a larger size earrings but once i saw the neck scarf/head band i got a very retro 1950's feel to it and it made sense.
2- Blue polka dot neck scarf/head band. This fabric piece has a wire inside that allows you to bend it into whatever you want it to be. While doing my video review and wearing it for the first time the wire popped out through the fabric. I wasn't impressed about that but it did look quite pretty as a neck scarf.
3- Multi Gem Ring- This ring has a stretchable  band so it will fit nearly everyone. The gems are so pretty and very sparkly. Since it is neutral you can wear it with many outfits and matches the necklace quite well.
4- Snake print statement necklace- big and bold great for a night out, cocktails after work. If worn on its own can be very classy.

Overall i liked the quality of this month's pieces aside from the scarf. I would like to see Wantable follow their quiz a little bit stricter but i feel like every month they simply get better and better. 

You can sign up here!


  1. I really hope I don't get that necklace this month. It's awful!

    1. I'm not sure what you picked in your style quiz but I made sure to let them know I liked big bold quirky and rock and roll pieces and therefor I love this because it suits what I wanted. I hope you get something that suits you perfectly =]