Monday, July 21, 2014

Forever 21 Plus: New Arrivals Not So New

I love a good promotional email. Flashing words like "NEW" and "SALE" always seem to pique my interest. Ebates (a site that gives you back a percent of what you purchase) sent out and email letting me know I can get 2% cash back at Forever 21 while forever 21 let me know I could get 20% off 100$ purchase. 22% obviously sent me into a clicking frenzy as I headed over to forever 21 and checked out the new arrivals. 

What I saw on the main page was a cute, retro 60s inspired outfit. Unfortunately, I knew all too well that I had to click the almost hidden "plus size" link to bring me to the plus size clothing which varied greatly from this fashionable image. I did hope that if I scrolled down, that I'd find some inspiration. 

Scrolls down... 
I see that I can save but where are the plus size models advertising new styles..?

Surely there must be something to pull me in as a plus size shopper...

Really, not even the Instagram hashtag has something to offer?

I clicked the plus size link feeling defeated but eager to view all the new trendy clothes for the end of summer season! Bring on the new styles!

Oh, a bright neon yellow sweater, that's awesome... Wait a minuet, Isn't this the same sweater that has been on clearance since last fall? Of course it is! 


Here I am 19 weeks ago wearing the featured yellow one.

20 weeks ago wearing the pink

Surely this was just a fluke... Accidentally placed under new arrivals... Except for the fact  that this blazer also listed as clearance since last Fall and is also under new arrivals.

This is also from 20 weeks ago. 

Not to mention that there are also only three pages of new arrivals for plus size verses 13 for straight sizes. 

You'd think that Forever 21 would want to make each page count by being jam packed with brand new fashions. Apparently when your a plus size consumer they assume you won't notice if your sizes are absent from the front page or if they just decide to slip in items from last season that they couldn't sell. Not to mention there are plenty of basics under new arrivals, as if there wasn't enough plus size basics. 

If I choose to view this from a positive view point it does allow anyone who may have missed out on these items the chance to now get their hands on them, however, I can't help but feel bad for anyone that now pays full price for an item that was just 11$ not too long ago. When shopping, always keep a mindful eye out for items on the clearance list, clearance doesn't always mean clearance and you have the potential to miss out on a good deal. While most stores would pack up their excess inventory and send it to an outlet, forever 21 may just re-promote it silently while jacking up the price. 

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  1. Can I tell you I swear to god I thought the same thing when I saw the email! They have a 'new' dress that I bought and wore last christmas for my birthday night out! I was like 'uhhhhhhh that's not new' It's also now jacked up in price too! I bought it for $15 on sale!

    It just really makes me sad. There's a forver21 in the mall I work in but they don't have a plus sizes in it. I have to go to another mall farther away to buy fover21 plus items. Which can I tell you when I was trying on two piece items the sensor was put on the suit so I couldn't try both pieces on together. I had to try them on separately.