Monday, July 21, 2014

The "Fatkini" Trend: Everything You Need to Know

I hate the word Fatkini. That's not something you necessarily need to know but I wanted to let it be known before I go on with this post. A Fatkini is simply a plus size woman's bikini. Thin and average women don't call their bikinis thin-kini, average-kini, or skinny-kini, so we shouldn't have to add a demeaning name to the plus size version. A person can have fat; this does not mean they are fat! So what's the deal with the plus size Bikini and why is it gaining momentum as a trend for plus size women? Because it is here and plus size women have it as an option. Can you rock it? You bet your bottom, and hips, and breats, and even tummy, you can! (Awkwardly played Annie reference)


Whether you are an apple, pear, square, hourglass, or triangle, you can find a bikini for you.

 Those who are apple shaped carry their weight in their mid section, perhaps choose a bikini that is high rise and pair it with a top with fringe. The slight cut out will make your mid section look smaller and the fringe will help hide a bigger tummy. This bathing suit design also works well if you are straight up and down like the square. It will give the illusion of a more curvaceous waist. 

But why do these models make these faces, I will never understand. 
São Paulo fringe from

 If you are pear snapped, you carry your weight in your bottom and thighs while still having average breasts. The rise on your bikini bottom can be as high or as low as you want but perhaps choose one with cut outs of color they will help bring out your best ass-ists or choose black to minimize your sides and backside.

Hourglass shape can get away with nearly any bathing suit. Larger breasts need more support though, so try to opt for bathing suits with straps rather than a strapless or a halter neck top.

If you are triangle shaped, this means you have smaller breasts and a wider waist/hips/butt It's similar to pear but with a smaller bust. If your bust is smaller and your bottom or tummy is bigger you can opt for waist bottoms or color panels and choose a strapless top since you don't need as much support.


When finally deciding what suit to get comes down to price you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do I want something to last me a few seasons? Is this something that I want to invest in now? Can I commit to one syle? What is the fabric made of? How is the stitching? You need to really pay close attention to these factors. Imagine buying a shirt from forever 21 and having it fall apart, now imagine that shirt is the only thing standing between you and your naughty bits? It can be scary. When buying a suit make sure to read what it's made of, if it doesn't fit right or you see a stich out of place, return it. A more expensive bathing suit isn't always the best options, sometimes they are made with the same materials but with only subtle differences. You may not need an adjustable back strap like a bra or adjustable straps if you have smaller breasts. You may not need extra tummy support. Really understand your body and the make of the bikini before you buy. Also, are you the kind of girl who keeps up with the trends? You may not want to be stuck with a pricy bathing suit you won't even wear after the summer 2014 season passes. Are you wearing your suit to the beach or pool? Both weather environments can be rough on a bikini but sand is abrasive, so take this into consideration as well.



Society isn't exactly loving of the plus size woman. Oh, they will tell you they love some good ol T & A but thats as long as it doesn't come on a woman over a size 10. Putting on a bikini for the first time may feel uncomfortable and put you way out of your comfort zone. People may tell you that you don't have the body for a bikini or you should loose weight first. Some may say nothing at all but their stare speaks volumes. What's important is that you like how you look. At first you may feel like you don't have the confidence to pull off a bikini when I know you do! I don't know you, whoever you are reading this, but I know that you're beautiful! Your size is nothing but a number and your skin deserves sun just like any woman of any size. The beach, the pool, the summer is not just for size 2. You let them say what they want or stare, pay no mind. Also, to put some perspective on it, if you get a high waist bottom, you're showing two inches of stomach at most. If someone is going to be upset about your two inches of stomach or your legs, or your cleavage, then their life is obviously lacking something. These are such trival things for others to worry about. 


If you're worried that there may not be a size for you out there, rest assured there is! Forever 21 goes up to 3x but sites like goes up to 24/26 W. That W makes a big difference. Woman's sizes and juniors sizes vary greatly. If you're a 3x in juniors chances are you're really only a 2x or maybe even 1x in woman's sizes. goes up yo a size 12X. goes up to size 22. There are so many options for the plussize 
woman. If these sites don't help a quick google search is only a click away. While the plus size bikini hasn't become 
mainstream yet the more of us who wear them and buy them will help make them more readily avaible. 

If you're wondering if I've taken the plunge yet? I have here are some of my favorite plus size bikinis!



  2. Can I just say I love this post 100% You look amazing by the way! I really love your neon lime green suit the best! It makes you look so tan! I would love that for myself but it's way pricer then I want to spend after buying my VS top and the bottoms from sammydress.

    This summer I took the plunge and bought myself a high waisted suit. I'm a size 16/18 bottoms depending on how much stretch is in the bottoms, but a Large/Xlarge top. I am very bottom heavy, with a wide built.

    I don't normally post comments with links back to my blog but I posted about the two piece I've been rocking. I feel so confident in it, and amazing. I feel like I look better in this suit then my one pieces which I find to be ugly. I hate that it's called fatkini too!

  3. FYI for bigger gals looking but not wanting to spend a fortune... I actually got my bikini from It was about $30 and I happen to love the quality and fit. And I'm and 18/20 - 22/24 depending on the store.