Friday, July 25, 2014

Retro Sunglasses: Splurge or Save

I love Instagram. There I said it. I'd marry it if I could. You'd all be invited to the glorious ceremony on a hill, fresh lilies, warm summer breeze, sweet wine... Too much? Maybe, but I am making a strong point. 

Grazing the Internet for fashion, makeup, and accessory inspiration can sometimes leave me overwhelmed with pages or just underwhelmed with what applies to me. On Instagram I have met so many people with the same tastes as me that inspire me. Even some with different tastes inspire me to leave my comfort zone. One of the people I follow @thatgaljenna , who's page is simply amazing by the way , always posts these gorgeous outfits she puts together. I noticed a great pair of sunglasses and knew I had to have them. 

Meet the most awesome pair of retro sunglasses ever! I didn't even bat an eye at dropping 40$ for something I'd wear sparingly. I went to eBay first to see if I could find them there for cheaper; no such luck. However, while browsing forever 21 I found a pair of glasses nearly identical for a fraction of the price..

 .. They were available in black as well but I didn't want two of the same pair. There are subtle differences but they are very close in style. 

So would you splurge on these:
Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglassss 40$ each

Of these 
Angular Cat-eye Sunglasses 5.80$ each on

Personally, I'm pleased with my splurge! I love the matte finish and they feel a little sturdier than their cheaper counterpart. If you're a little pinched in the pocket the forever 21 sunglasses will do just fine, same style just a little glossy on the finish. 

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