Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Myths of Dressing Plus Size

There are certain, undeniable, rules  when it comes to plus size fashion. What a plus size woman can or can't wear is often treated like a laminated set of laws that must be followed in order to avoid being chastised. We can talk about dressing for our size or shape, what fabrics or patterns to avoid, or even what styles suit us better than others, but is the real issue that we shouldn't wear these garments because, we don't think we look well, or we shouldn't wear these garments because others don't think we look well? Mull over that for a moment as I present to you some fashion no-no's and what I think about them. 

1- The Plus Size Woman Should never Wear Stripes. 

I wonder what fashion genius though to themselves that stripes caused such a grandiose optical illusion on the plus size woman. Horizontal stripes in particular get a bad rap. They will make you look wider, rounder.. Lets be real. If you have a large bottom, thighs, stomach, or even breasts, those stripes make no difference. They won't make you look longer or wider than you already are. They may bring some attention because, as you know, those who aren't plus size can not resist being drawn into the magical allure that is one bar of color placed parallel on another bar of color. Yes, it is true, that certain solid colors can have a sliming effect but its not on a grand scale. Whether you wear stripes or a solid your size does not change. A proper fitting garment should have no ill effect. 

2- Wearing Black is Slimming. 

Again, I ask, what genius said this? Black is effortless, chic, classy, and timeless. It's not Jenny Craig. It won't take 3 dress sizes off of your body if you put on a little black dress. We have spanx and other products for that. Plus certain patterns and colors can be just as sliming. It all depends on cuts. 

3- Oversized Draping Clothes Hide Fat

Take a woman who is size 2. Put her in an oversized sweater and baggy pants. Sexy right? Imagine a size 22 doing the same thing. It matters not the size, wearing clothes that are too big for your size will make you look bigger, not smaller. Plus size woman may have a few more lumps and bumps than a straight sized woman but that doesn't mean we have to compensate by draping ourselves in unflattering, figure hiding, clothes. A well fitting garment goes a long way. 

4- You Should Only Wear A-line and Pencil Skirts 

This one is beyond false. For years I saw this on various sites for clothing. It was advertised that these two styles were most flattering on a larger frame. Maybe for some shapes but not all shapes look best in these. While hour glass, pear, and rectangle, look phenomenal in these skirts, apple may not. As an apple shaped person myself, I can tell you a flowing skater skirt to hide my belly does a lot more than a pencil skirt that makes me look pregnant. It's always best to go for skirts, clothes in general, that you feel flatter you. Try on different styles and sizes. Don't let a company, magazine, or website tell you one style is for all! 

5- Plus Size Women Aren't Sexy

A blind person could tell just by touching plus size clothing that it isn't exactly quality. The industry views the plus size shopper as someone middle aged. It's a growing epidemic that children and young adults as plus size. While this is unfortunate news, many young adults find themselves wearing cheap clothing or clothing that resembles something very plain. Don't fall into the trap of believing that just because you are plus size you can't wear sexy clothes. Sites like offer a wide variety of sexy styles for an affordable price. Leave the mom jeans and plain blouses for... whoever still wears mom jeans.  Let your sexy, stylish side show. 

Whatever you do, dress in what makes you happy, makes you feel sexy, and makes you comfortable and confident! 

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