Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marbella permanent eyeliner pen

While looking over some subscription services I happened to stumble upon this product, Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen. This eyeliner claims that it is permanent, water proof, and that you can even swim and shower with it on. Needless to say I loved the idea of this eyeliner and had to have it!
When the package arrived it contained a paper with instructions both inspirational and serious. I was upset to learn a few things
-It can't be applied over foundation, eyeshadow, any powder, or primer because these can block the pores on the applicator. This pretty much makes it useless if your the kind of chick who likes to wear more than just mascara and eyeliner.
- Advises to not use with contact lenses. So if you're someone like me who wears contacts, you'll have to wear glasses or be really careful when applying.
So after the rules there are some inspiring words shown here:

As for actual wear, I think the word "permanent" is an over exaggeration. The paper insert said this liner can be worn while swimming and showering. The first thing I though was "awesome I can still be dolled up while swimming or getting frisky in the shower", but this claim isn't all it's cracked up to be. First of all after wearing it for only a few hours in 80 degree weather, the liner was bleeding into my eyelid and creating a black semi circle above my lids. Waterproof liquid liner has never done this for me. So I was dissatisfied already. Then I took a light shower, didn't even wash my face, and the liner began to run on one side staining my cheek.
The good aspects of this liner?
- the applicator is easy to use and has great precision. It's good for the perfect cat eye or more eccentric design.
- if used with all he precautions of a regular liner, it's not half bad.
$19 dollars
It's only worth it when using the 50% off coupon sumer2012 reduces it to about 10 dollars.
You can find it here!

Application: Smooth and easy to apply

Original application.

After shopping for 3 hours in 80 degree weather.

After a shower.

Packaging 5/5
Sleek and air tight for product longevity.
Products: 3/5
Predominantly offers liners for eyes and lips. If their other liners are anything like this.. pass.
Customer service 3/5
Nice insert with shipping, but very slow. No answer when questioned no it.
Quality 2/5
  Doesn't deliever on what it promises and is over priced when not using a coupon.
Overall rating 3.25/5
Good applicator, great packaging, but doesn't live up to its promises and is over priced. Pass.

Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen

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