Friday, June 15, 2012

Mac Heroine Matte lipstick Review

So a few months back Mac released the Reel Sexy collection. Meant to mimic the drama and fun of movies this collection is filled with colors that pop, for nails, lips, and eyes.

Now I was a little late to hear about this fantastic collection, but none the less, I picked myself up some Heroine. If there is one thing I can't pass up is purple lipstick and my lord is this purple. I am so relived to see so many companies jumping on this trend. In a future post I will discuss all your possible options for purple lipstick, from light and subtle to in your face violet.

This lipstick is incredibly smooth. Most mattes are a little chalky here or dying there, but not Mac. Their signature vanilla sent when opening the tube always excites me, but, long, easy wear is what keeps me coming back. This color lasted all day, and even when the undertones of this color began to show through (blueish), I was still pleased with the color, an my lips never felt dry. The color is very opaque and true to the tube. What you see is what you get on your lips.

I think of this as a color every adventurous, trendy, conservative rebel needs in their collection. For those that don't walk on the wild side It's daring, I know, but it very a very flattering color and with minimal makeup else wear on the face, and with minimal accessories even the meekest of the makeup goers can pull this one off!

Since its no longer available via the Mac cosmetics websites I suggest you check out your local Mac counter, eBay, or amazon. I wish you luck on your hunt for this fantastic color, and let's all hope for Heroine to one day be added into the permanent collection.

Packaging 5/5
Simple and classic mac, cant ever go wrong with it
Products: 4/5
This company always delivers great cosmetics, however, i wish a lot of their limited lines would stick around longer
Customer service 5/5
The Mac girls are the counters i have visited have always been polite and helpful.
Quality 5/5
While on the more expensive side, their quality is amazing. I have mac lipsticks from 2006 that feel just as new as the day i got them. They are made to last.
Overall rating
4.8/5- Classic box and tube, great color payoff, fantastic product!

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