Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rimmel London Glam'eyes HD Review

Hey guys sorry about the hiatus. I am currently on vacation in Canada and when I come back I have so many products to share with you all! Today, though, I'm going to focus on a fabulous find from Rimmel London.

Let me just clarify, I have never liked Rimmel London cosmetics but this product has certainly changed my mind. Glam'eyes HD by Rimmel London is fantastic. I purchased 001 black cab, and 008 true union jack (this one I am the most excited about.)
Black Cab includes a bright shimmery white high lighter, a light metallic grey lid color, a dark grey metallic crease, and a nice sparkly metallic dark black for the outer corner. Each color is in their own separate part of the British flag. The back of the palette has instructions on which colors go where on your eyes. There is a 4 tipped sponge applicator, so if you don't happen to have brushes you can use this.
Now while I do love this palette since the colors are amazing for a smokey eye, are perfectly pigmented (not too pigmented that only the brave can wear, but also not under pigmented so that they show up beautifully on most skin colors), and since you have them all separate if you run out of one you have three other sections of the same color to use. (awesome!) Also the outer corner color doubles as a liner! Sparkly black liner, not just one but 4, yes please. There is plenty to use as both.
What's not awesome?
Well if you do decide to use makeup brushes rather than the sponge applicator you might wind up with more than one color on your brush since the colors are so close together and in very small sections. So I suggest sticking to the sponge applicator.
I personally use more lid color than highlighter color, I guess this can vary for different people so this might not even be a problem for other people, so the fact the the highlighter color is the most abundant is disappointing to me. On a positive note, when applying this palette for the first time I choose to use the highlighter as both a lid color and a highlighter (Black Cab). I believe it came out great.

(since I am currently on a mobile device I won't be able to edit and fix the layout of this entry nor add links so please bare with me until I have access to a computer =] )

As for the second palette , True Union Jack, this one has it's colors in a different order. The highlighter is a nice shimmery white, the lid color (most abundant) is a beautiful reddish-pink color), a bright navy blue for crease, and a dark metallic navy for the outer corner. Whether your American, Canadian, British, even French, you can use this palette patriotically or for just a colorful eye for the summer. It's a great selection of shades, and since each color is in its own separate part of the British flag you can use just the blues with white and use the pinkish color as a blush! I have yet to photograph the swatches of this so they will be added at a later date

My rating for this would be 4/5
Rimmel London has a great range of palettes for his product from shimmery browns, to purples, along with the other two shown here. With such a low price for high quality they are worth picking up. Only complaints, low amount of lid color in Black Cab and the difficulty of using makeup brushes in small color sections. Certainly worth adding to your collection.


  1. I've been wondering if these were good, thanks for the review :D