Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Individualeyes Custom Compact by NYC Review

While I really wasn't planning on doing another drug store review so soon my recent trip to Duane Reade lead me to buy a few items which i am about to completely rave about. You ready for this?

So I know I might be a little behind in comparison to other bloggers but when i saw NYC (New York Color) had color palettes that not only contained all the colors necessary to create a flawless eye look but also came with a base AND an illuminater i nearly had a cosmetic induced orgasm right there in the store. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS! The palettes, which are geared toward different shades of eye colour and have adorable New York themed names such as Union Square (for brown eyes) and Central Park (for green eyes)  are only 5 dollars. Thats right for 5 dollars you get 4 eye shaddows and two different kinds of bases, along with a how to on the back. That is less than a dollar a shadow.

Now i have been skeptical of N.Y.C cosmetics in the past. I started to buy them back in early 2000 when their eye shadows were extremely powdery, did not last long in the container nor the eye, and if you ever doped it it was a powder bomb. The quality was exactly what you were paying for. However, over the years N.Y.C. has really started to produce some quality makeup while retaining their cheap prices. They understand that even though there is a recession we still want quality makeup!

The items i purchased were 942 - Smoky Blue Individualeyes Custom Compact, and 939 Bryant Park Individualeyes Custom Compact. FYI: I do not have blue eyes, but these colors were too goo to pass up.

 Side by side
Bryant Park 939
Smoky Blue eyes 942
 942 Smoky Blue comes with slightly metallic golden highlighter, a slightly metallic silver all over lid, a sparkly dark brown crease, and a purpleish brown contour. Each color is smooth, soft, and highly pigmented. This is one of those rare products that you can create a really nice look without a base. The primer base makes the colors pop and last all day while the illuminator brings out the colors sparkle and also helps the color to last all day and adhere to the eyelid like the primer base.
 Instructions on the back.
   939 Bryant Park comes with a pastel purple highlighter, greyish purple all over lid, medium purple crease, and gray blue contour. These are also soft, highly pigmented and can be made to pop by simply applying them over the primer base or illuminator base.

 Smoky Blue
On the right is the shadows over the primer base, on the left is over the illuminator base. The illuminator base makes the metallic colors stand out more.
From bottom to top - highlighter, all over lid, crease, contour.

 Bryant Park
On the right is the primer base and on the left is the illuminator base. The illuminator base made the gray look a bright pastel blue i loved it!
From bottom to top- Contour, crease, all over lid and highlighter. Not to be bias or anything but this one is my favorite of the two Individualeyes palettes.
 What i used to create my look using bryant park.
Foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush, blender brush, contour brush, and liner brush. I also used covergirl face powder, and N.Y.C all over primer. Lastly i used L'Oreal Volumous mascara.
 Step by step:
1- Primer base was applied
2- All over lid shadow
3- Crease shadow
4- Highlighter under the brow
5-Contour in the outer corners
6- I used a blending brush to blend the shadows together
7- Lined under my eye with the contour color using a liner brush
8- and lastly i applied some blue sparkle liner using a N.Y.C pencil in starry blue sky found here.
(Not shown, mascara applied)

Now a few things i really love overall about these palettes are the fact that if you are traveling you can pop them in with your brushes, or into a small makeup bag and you have everything you need to complete an eye shadow look. The contour color doubles as an eye liner when using an eyeliner brushes.  Plus, and i really cant get over this, that it comes with its own primers! Really the only thing you need aside from this pallette is brushes if you like them over the sponge applicator, and maybe mascara. And even if you choose not to use the instructions on the back, since the colors blend really well you can create many different looks.

Qaulity 5/5
You are getting about 20 dollars worth of product for only 5 (Lancome sells a comparable palette sans base for 50 dollars). The shadow lasts all day when used with either base. Highly pigmented.
Packaging 5/5
Easy open. Sturdy. See through. Easy close.
Products: 3/5
There is a color combination for everyone! My only complaint is that the base only comes in a light fleshtone leaving out other skin colors. I found this a little insensitive.
Customer service N/A
Overall rating 4.3/5
I think for 5 dollars every girl should pick one up and have one in her purse. You cant go wrong with one of these palettes!

You can find these at drugstores. Or check them out on their website here- New York Color

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