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Lancôme Rouge In Love- Violette Coquette and Color Design-Tango Fusion Review plus extras!

A couple of weeks ago while out with a friend of mine at century 21 (an average department store in NYC) I stumbled upon a color lipstick that I have been looking for, for ages. It's almost mind boggling how many oranges I've tried that some how always turn up red against my skin tone. Thanks to Lancôme, I can now say my search is over. While browsing the colors I found that pop bright orange with minimal undertones of red, and of course it was sold out. In fact the store had only ordered two of that color, both of which sold out the day it debut. So I headed over to Lancôme and that is where this review really begins...

After I added my dream orange, Tango Fusion color design 138 (cream) to the cart I was told I was getting a free sample of bi-facil (makeup remover). I was pretty excited since I've been using harsh bar soap on my face to remove makeup for a few weeks now and this will end my face's suffering. I then noticed a coupon, deluxjun, which entitles the buyer, after spending $45 to free shipping and 5 samples. I figured why not and choose another color lipstick. The Rouge In Love collection really caught my eye. I choose Violette Coquette 381. Yet another deep purple.

The five samples included in this promotion code were an eyeshadow quad containing a soft pink shadow- Pink Pearls (matte), a deep black- It List (matte), a medium shimmery purple- Zip Me Up (metallic) and a medium pink- Fashion Admirer (matte). The quad includes a mirror. Lancôme genifique- youth activating concentrate ( for face), Lancôme genifique- youth activating eye concentrate, Lancôme renergie éclat multi-lift multi-action tinted skincare illuminate + lift, and Defincils high definition mascara. And as if all that wasn't enough they offered me another sample at check out, I chose Cils booster XL base mascara.

Everything listed above with tax and free shipping came out to $51 dollars
The actual worth and review:

Tango Fusion- $22
is a creamy bright orange, lasts on the lips for quite a few hours. Just a note the tube is not like a normal lipstick tube. When the lipstick is stood up the lipstick inside is actually upside down. It is worth adding to your lipstick collection because every girl should have an orange that doesn't turn red on her skin. It is an opaque color but since it is a cream formula it does need few swipes on the lips to achieve full color. There are plenty of reds to choose from, but this isn't one of them. This is great for summer because of its light color, and it's creamy consistency will keep your lips moisturized even in extended sun exposure.
Violette Coquette- $25
A deep violet comparable to the recently sold out reel sexy heroin (matte) lipstick from Mac, has blue and pink undertones but is suitable for even the not so daring. It is opaque, but since it is also creamy you can swipe it once for a tint of purple or swipe it a few times over for the full effect. The silver tube is so romantic looking, a square of shined metal (against the matte metal of the rest of the tube) says rouge in love in red lettering. Down the back of the tube is what looks like lace sewn on with red ribbon. While I love everything about this lipstick I wish it was a little larger. It is only .12 fl. Oz. (tango fusion is .14 fl. Oz).
Eye shadow quad colors : free - worth: $36
This quad has a great choice of colors. You can create a smokey purple eye, a pastel pink and purple eye, smokey rose eye , or use all of them at once (medium pink as an all over lid, purple as a crease, light pink as a high light, black as a contour and a liner). Opaque and bendable.
Bi-facil ( 1.7 fl. Oz) free- worth: $13.50
I love this, when I run out of this sample this will be buying more and this will be my go to makeup remover. It only took a light amount on a piece of cotton ball to take off all my makeup. Yes, ALL. Even my water proof liner and mascara, gone. My face feels smooth, soft and moisturized, not greasy or heavy, and no weird scents. This is makeup remover heaven in a bottle.
Renergie éclat multi-lift 10ml - free- worth: $30
When applying this to my face it felt very smooth and very light. My skin looked a little brighter after using it.
Genifique- youth activating concentrate .25 fl. Oz -free worth: $27
Felt cool on my face, had a slight scent. I've only used it once so I can't tell you as of yet if it has worked or has made my face more youthful.
Genifique eye .25 fl. Oz: free - worth: $30
This is lovely. I have dark circles and bags under my eyes and applying this just once I see a slight difference. Fast working, I like that.
Defincils mascara .07 fl. Oz: free- worth: $5
This made my eye lashes look fake, the good kind of fake. Not having to apply fake eyelashes, since I'm terrible at it anyway, is a god send.
Cils booster XL mascara base .07 fl. Oz: free- worth: $5
I put this under the mascara mentioned above. Honestly it worked just as good as the two in one kinds you can find in drugstores. But it was wonderful to try it.
Total worth: $193 a saving of over $142 dollars

$193 worth of products for $51

quad- it list, pink pearl, zip me up, and fashion admirer

Bi-facil, Renergie éclat multi-lift, Genifique eye

Cils Booster XL, Genifique, Definicils

Violette Coquette and Tango Fusion

Tango Fusion and Rouge In Love -Violette Coquett

Tango Fusion

Violette Coquette

Eyeshadow - Zip me up, fashion admirer, pink pearls, and it list

Rating Packaging 5/5
So pretty, so elegant, and sturdy. You can tell this company pays attention to details.
Products: 5/5
Amazing selection. They have something for everyone. Great range of colors. And for the quality the price is on que.
Customer service 3/5
Very, very slow shipping with no reason as to why it took so long. 
Quality 5/5
Expensive for products, but when you shop during their sales when free samples are given out, you will get way more than you pay for!
Overall rating 4.5/5
While this is only my first purchase, i really browsed the products, not only in person at the Lancome counter, but also their website. Their quality is comparable to other high end brands and i think i might even choose this brand over mac from now on!

** To further my point of frustration from my Limecrime post, the mascaras shown here are about the same size as the so called full size eye liners from limecrime. Furthering my point that Doe Deer is selling sample products as full sized and charging $13***

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