Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hard candy glow all the way in deep tan

Today I am going to be reviewing Hard Candy's-Glow All The Way in Deep Tan.
I know I tend to stick with cosmetics but this body product is just worth mentioning! Hard Candy-Glow All The Way is a bronzer and self tanner. This non oily, non streaky, highly glittery self tanner is the most fantastic 2 in 1 body product I've seen in quite a long time. For about 8 dollars at Walmart, this item is a steal.

The color I decided to try is deep tan. I was a little skeptical it would be too dark for me since I am light toned, but it adjusted to my skin color (impressed!). Glow All The Way comes in shades that range from light gold to even a pink shade. This product can be used on the face and body.

What I personally l love about this bronzer/self tanner? It leaves skin sparkly and natural looking and smooth. No orange or over done undertones. The sparkles, which the tube says is 24 karat gold, lasts on the skin through sweat, sun, even lasted after an hour in the pool. There isn't anything that I don't like about this product.
Great for if you want a small, sun free tan, or just to sparkle.
So if you'd like to pick some up head over to your local Walmart, or or click here!

I wish i was able to photograph it better but as you can see it has made my skin sparkly. I was already a little tan in this area 

How it looks when it first goes on your skin

it thins out pretty quickly

It might leave you with copper hands, but soap and water takes care of it =)

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