Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette Rewview and Swatches

At the end of 2012 Fergie paired up with drugstore cosmetic giant Wet N Wild. This being, i believe, their second collaboration (first being the look boxes and nail polish) Wet N Wild decided to expand a bit further than the original collaboration(s). This collection included a wide range of lipsticks, polish, eyeshadow, and of course, these To Reflect Shimmer Palettes.

These palettes were first released to Walmart stores. I do not live near one so i waited patiently for them to come to my local Duane Read. They never did. In fact after waiting and checking for so long by the time i found them at Wallgreens (a mile walk away from my house) everything was sold out. I was able to purchase these on eBay (for about 3 time's their price in the store). While i love how exclusive and interesting limited edition collections are, people who live near slacking stores really miss out on the opportunity to get some great products.

What i will say about this formula is that they are very close to MAC Mineral Skin Finish. If you have been hesitant to purchase one from MAC or you did not feel they were worth the money these are excellent dupes. They are soft but not powdery, they leave a reflective glow with a hint of color on the skin, there is a nice range between highlighter to bronzer. Each one can work on all different skin tones but in different ways. These last for about 6 hours on the face but there is some fading.

The three colors that are offered are Rose Campaign Glow which is a very light soft cream color with soft pink swirled throughout. This can be used as a highlighter or as an all over skin finish on girls with lighter skin tones and can be used on darker skin tones if blended out with another color or used to soften a shade (such as Carnival In Rio). Rose Golden Goddess is a brown color swirled with cream and bronze. This shade applys a bit orange and would be good for olive skin tones and warm tan skin tones. This medium range shimmer palette can be used as a light bronzer on lighter skinned individuals and as a blush or highlighter on darker individuals. Lastly, Carnival In Rio is a tan swirled with dark chocolate brown and a greyed dark taupe. This color can apply like a warm bronzer on lighter skin, as a bronze or contour on medium skin, and as a bronzer blush on darker skin.

Rose Campaign Glow:

Rose Golden Goddess:

Carnival in Rio:

Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rose Campaign Glow, Rose Golden Goddess, and Carnival in Rio swatch over bare skin without flash

Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rose Campaign Glow, Rose Golden Goddess, and Carnival in Rio swatch over bare skin with flash
Overall i really did like the texture and application of this product. The simple yet versatile range of each product made them similar in quality to MAC Mineral Skin Finish. Reasonable price range.
The only downside is their availability.

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