Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivds collection (MAC Strength Dupes) Review and Swatches

2013 seems to be starting off with a bang! So many great collections drugstore and high end a like. If you think back to the end of December MAC released the strength collection. It pretty much sold like hot cakes. I guess Maybelline finally started to pay attention to what girls really want (not that we don't like the classic drugstore shades they just sometimes come off as repetitive and sheer). While many of the shades you are about to see might not be exactly work friendly these shades are very much a refreshing addition to the otherwise "normal" shades currently offered.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid's is a collection of shades ranging from purple all the way to rich reds. These shades are very pigmented, bright, and borderline neon. Unlike the rest of Maybelline's Color Sensational lipsticks which gives different colors, different tubes, Vivid's are all contained to bright, neon orange, plastic tubes. The color is indicated via stickers on the bottom. The formula is smooth and moisturizing and very light on the lips. These smell like honey nectar which you may either love or hate. Some have likened it to sweet baked goods while others have said it reminds them of plastic. If you can, smell one first to see where you land on that spectrum. While these do have a scent there is no strange taste. These lipsticks do not bleed onto the lips and with the exception of Pink Pop they are not streaky nor do they bleed. The best wearing shades in this collection are the reds (vibrant Mandarin, Neon Red, On Fire Red), the worst wearing shade is Pink Pop, the most safe for work appropriate color is Shocking Coral, the best for fun shades are Brazen Berry, Wild Rose, and Neon Orange.
Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Brazen Berry, Hot Plum, Pink Pop, Fuchsia Flash, and Wild Rose
Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Shocking Coral, Neon Orange, Vibrant Mandarin, Neon Red, and On Fire Red

Brazen Berry-
Brazen Berry Swatch

Hot Plum-

Hot Plum Swatch

 Pink Pop-

Pink Pop Swatch

Fuchsia Flash-

Fuchsia Flash Swatch

Vivid Rose-

Vivid Rose Swatch

Shocking Coral-

Shocking Coral Swatch

 Electric Orange-

Electric Orange Swatch

 Vibrant Mandarin-

Vibrant Mandarin Swatch

Neon Red-
Neon Red Swatch

 On Fire Red-

On Fire Red Swatch

 If you would like to compare this collection to the MAC strength collection, you can replace Fuchsia Flash for Pink Pigeon, Shocking Coral for Party Parrot, On Fire Red for Absolute Power, and Brazen Berry for Strong Woman. They are almost dupes except for the fact that MAC Strength contained only matte shades and Maybelline Vivids contains shades that have more of a satin and glossy finish. I hope you find this dupes list helpful.

 Brazen Berry Vs Strong Woman

On Fire Red Vs. Absolute Power

 Shocking Coral Vs. Party Parrot

 Fuchsia Flash Vs. Pink Pigeon

Overall i thought this was a great way to spice up things in the drugstore. It was nice to see a drugstore brand like Maybelline take the leap into brighter, more on trend shades. For girls who cant get their hands on MAC this is a great option. The only downside to this collection is that it is limited edition but i haven't had too much of a hard time finding it in my local stores, it is at and in Walmart stores. I have heard that there are a limited amount of each shade per store so if you see a color you may like pick it up before its gone!


  1. Ooh, I love these lip swatches, thank you! I have five of these, and I ADORE them. Much better formulation than other Maybelline lipsticks!

    1. Your welcome! I do agree. I only tried one or two of the normal line of Maybelline lipsticks and i wasn't super impressed. But these blew me away! Which 5 did you pick up?

  2. Thank you so much for this review and the one at youtube. I could not see the colors well at youtube so I took your advice and followed up here. Photos really a lot clearer than the video. Looking for some lipstick for my wife. Love these vibrant colors. Thank you so much again I will pick some of these up.

  3. Thank you for this review - you are gorgeous and you're so lucky you can pull off every single shade! I have got really bright red hair so can't wear all colours but I sure give it a good go! I'm going to buy all of them and see how I go! Have become obsessed with lipsticks the last few months and always looking for a cost effective solution, MAC is so good but we pay about $35-40 for a tube of it here in Aus (even these Maybelline ones are about $18 each, i don't know why we pay so much more here) so it's nice to have a cheaper but still good quality option, especially because most lipsticks you have to try on the lips before you can see if it's going to suit you or not, and $40 is very expensive to find out you don't like it and it just sits in the make up drawer!

    Now I just need to find a good storage/display system for all my new pretties! :)