Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January Jewelry Box Review

In January i received my second Jewelry Box from While the first box promised up to 5 items of vintage inspired jewelry, the box for January was revamped. This box promised 3-4, trendy pieces of jewelry. I was a little taken back at the reduction but no price change. I contacted Wantable and they let me know they wanted to raise quality and not quantity. This would have been great had a ring not broken the moment i slid it down my finger (This ring was replaced, see replacement below)

This subscription costs $36 dollars. Every month you will receive 4-5 (according to the current site information the amount of jewelry has increased back to the original amount) shipping is included. The boxes ship out fast, contain high quality items that are suited to your style and wants. You take a little quiz to determine your tastes so that the items are more personally catered to you. If you aren't up to committing there is also an option to just buy the box for 40$. There are skip options as well. If you ever have a problem, the customer service is polite and responds fast. You can sign up here!

What i got in January -

A silver bangle bracelet- This silver bangle bracelet is extremely reflective and i love its little details.

Geometric Two Finger Ring- This ring had an elastic band snap as soon as it slid it down my finger. My ring size is 6 1/2 to 7 so i was surprised at how this snapped so fast considering my finger size. Overall i did like this ring but the opal design on the silver started to lift up off the glue within  two days of wear (even with one side broken i attempted to wear) This piece was the only one lacking in quality and i did receive a replacement.

Emerald Gemstone Gold Ring- I loved the simplicity of this ring. The color of the year but not over done. Just perfect.

Geometric Gold Triangle Necklace- This long necklace is dainty and trendy. Small enough to be feminine but big enough to still make a statement.

Overall i really like this subscription. The pieces really suit my style profile. I love how fast the items are shipped to me, the price point is fair for the items, any problems are addressed fast, and unlike sties like Jewelmint you get enough pieces for a look or two!

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