Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentines Day From Diet Pepsi

 A few days ago i got the sweetest valentine! Diet Pepsi sent me this adorable Pepsi heart filled with a guilt free treat of Diet Pepsi! Seriously, how lucky am i!

As a long time lover of Pepsi, though i do always get the original, i thought this was just perfect. While other dark cola's may give me the soda fix i sometimes crave, i have always loved Pepsi's sweet taste and soft aftertaste. I find some cola's to have a little too much fizz and leave my mouth feeling hot or tart afterwards, but not Pepsi. Considering i just started a diet this was the perfect treat to push me in the right direction. Plus, honestly, i could NOT tell the difference between diet Pepsi and regular Pepsi. So it is wonderful that i can still enjoy my favorite soda without all the calories.

In short, thank you for this wonderful surprise Pepsi. I loved it!

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