Sunday, February 17, 2013

Momme Box January 2013 The Fitness Box

Momme box is a  new subscription box (new as in December) which offers busy mom's and mom's to be a way to pamper themselves and treat themselves monthly. Each box is 15$, with free shipping, and ships out monthly. These boxes are each themed by month and you can choose to buy a box from just a specific month, or subscribe! You can check it out here.

The intro card this month is all about starting the new year off right!

Items included in this month's box were to help promote healthy living, which was the theme of the box. While this box is pale in comparison to the first box which was jam packed with items you should expect throughout the year, this box since it was more specific, felt a little repetitious. While i did appreciate the powdered drinks, and meal bars, the gum was a little confusing. The hand sanitizer will be most used and was more appreciated than the other items. For 18$ i did feel this box was lacking. I do however, look forward to the share the love box for February.

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