Sunday, December 16, 2012

Birchbox December 2012 Review and Swatches

It's the last month of the year, and that means that subscription services boxes should be packed full of extra special items. While i wish that was always true, it isn't, but not for lack of trying....
Birchbox went festive this month with a gift wrapped themed box, a festive intro card, and two samples wrapped up in matching tissue paper and tied with a bow. I admit i did find this adorable.

However once everything was unwrapped and laid in the box, it felt a little empty. There were 5 items included in this months box and one coupon.

The items that i received:
Aerie Shimmer Fragrance- 
I adore perfume samples that are wrapped up like bon bons. So i was smitten already even before i opened this. This soft scented fragrance has notes of vanilla and peony. It is a light scent so it is great for day time wear. The full size of this item is tops $39.95 which is exceedingly reasonable. I was getting a little tired of getting samples of perfume that i can not afford. 

 Amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask-
Aside from the, just a tad, hard to pronounce name, this really did help my split ends. I use a lot of products on them anyway so to test this out i made sure that my hair was freshly cleaned and free of any of my other end sealers. My hair felt conditioned and since i applied it at night it had time to soak in and by morning my hair did not feel greasy. So if you use this product it is not something you put on and then go out.

 KLashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel Serum-
I have a little personal bias, not really against this product, but just in general. Beauty Army had offered the full sized version of this product, a value of $70 dollars to their subscribers. Their subscription service runs based on when you signed up, not everyone at the same time. So if your window was later in the month, you missed this product completely which wasn't fair, but i digress. Anyway this product promises longer, lusher lashes without irritation. I have only used it a few times and so i see no immediate difference. If i do eventually see one i will add an update here.

 TheBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer-
I love the packaging of this little luminizer. When i first looked at it however, it looked like it had been used or swatched. I wasn't sure but this really dampened my mood. When i applied it to my skin it was a bit lighter than my skin tone and for me personally will make a good high lighter. I like how smooth this product is and how it can also be used as a shadow.

 As a lifestyle extra i received:
 Chuao Chocolatier in Salted Chocolate Crunch-
Delicious, i can't even begin to tell you how overly yummy this product was. Crunchy, creamy, chocolaty, and just a tiny bit of salt flavor. Do not let the word "salt" in the title turn you off to this! I hate adding extra salt to anything, but obviously when added to crunchy chocolate, there is! Made with
crunchy toasted breadcrumbs, this dark chocolate is something everyone needs to try at least once. This small little bar is also only 50 calories so you wont break the diet! Must have!

Also included, as you can see in the picture including all the items i received in my box, was a coupon for Rent The Runway. Rent The Runway is a service which allows you to rent expensive and luxury clothes for about 10% of the retail price. That is fantastic if the shipping wasn't 35$ and if my size was available, and did i mention this is only 50$ off an 125$ rental? There are so many things wrong with the inclusion of this coupon that it literally hurts my brain. It's like all things aside, 100$ to rent a high end designer dress isn't so terrible, but the fact that their sizes are severely lacking leaves i'm assuming a good majority of people who received this Birchbox with no use for it. For those that use this box as their little monthly treat, because hey $10 dollars isnt that big of a chunk of change, aren't exactly going to want to lay down 75$ + shipping (if getting a rental for a dress just at 125$) for a dress they can only RENT is insanity. Final words- good in theory, bad in reality

Overall i do like Birchbox. It has it's good and bad moments. I like how no matter what i always get more than i paid for, even when crazy useless coupons are included. I just reached $30 dollars in their points systems so that makes me happy. For every dollar you spend you get 1 point. Every review of a product you received is 10 points, and every friend referral is 50. Every 100 points is 10 dollars! So for every two months of being a member of Birchbox and reviewing what you get, you get 10$ to spend on anything in the Birchbox store. If you think of it that way, you really only pay for 6 months of the year!!! If you would like to receive a box of samples mailed to your door every month you can sign up here!


  1. The magnet in the lid of the Mary Lou highlighter is what creates the smudge/finger print looking thing :) It hasn't been used before! Just thought I'd give you the heads up since a lot of people have asked!

    1. Oh thank you, i really was very confused over what was going on at Birchbox when i saw that marking! Thank you for the information.