Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kleancolor Vibe-rant Duo Eyeliner Swatches and Review

Summer may be long over now, but my love affair with bright and beautiful cosmetics is not. I actually purchased these liners a while ago but never got the chance to feature them here. Kleancolor is an affordable brand with various products ranging from nail art to cosmetics. These Vibe-rant Duo Eyeliners are just that, vibrant. From the packaging to the applied color these shades are not meant for the meek. What first caught my eye, however, was the unique and bright packaging. These liners will stand out in your collection just as much as they will stand out on your eyes.

The top silver cap contains a pencil liner of the corresponding color of the tube. Each pencil liner applies softly and will not tug at your eyelid. One swipe is all you need for rich color. Yellow is the only shade that was a little tricky. Sometimes i only had to do a line, sometimes i had to go over it. Depending on your skin tone and how you apply you may experience various results. These liners are matte and they last about 4 hours. I sometimes use these as liners for my more outrageous shades of lipstick.
Kleancoloe Vibe-rant Duo Eyeliner
The bottom of these liners contains a liquid liner that glides on creamy and opaque with higher then expected pigmentation. These dry relatively fast and last longer on the eyes then the pencil liner. They are amazing for a nice pop of color or to create a trendy look all on their own.

For comparison i have included three of my liquid liner's from Limecrime. Currently Limecrime sells very bright and vibrant eyeliners. The shades i have used to compare is CITREUSE,
ORCHIDACEOUS, and 6th ELEMENT. These shades are a bright yellow with a green tint, a bright purple, and a bright orange. The most similar color i found was 6th Element and orange. Kleancolor is much more affordable with similar quality.

 Overall if you like bright colored cosmetics and don't like to pay top dollar when you don't have to, Kleancolor Vibe-rant Duo Eyeliner may be a good choice for you. If you use them for lining your eyes or your lips, these highly pigmented liners are a fun addition to any makeup collection.


  1. That's a really great deal for getting a pencil-like product and a liquid liner. Plus, I've never seen colors that vibrant before!

    1. Neither have i! I am always impressed by the little finds. i wish more brands would have items like this.

  2. hey I live in Bay Ridge too! Where do you find Kleancolor anything here? I am forever looking for the nail lacquer!

    1. What a small world! I get all my Kleancolor from their website I have seen some in stores but it is so few and far between. I hope this helps!