Friday, December 14, 2012

The Big Pink Box December 2012 Box 2 Review

A few days ago i received my The Big Pink Box. After feeling just slightly a little underwhelmed last month i was really hoping that this month i would be wowed. I was more then wowed! First off, this month there were 2! boxes offered. Touted as the December double up. Since i always seem to find the grass greener on the other side i needed to get both. This post will be a review on Box 2.

If you are curious as to what The Big Pink Box is, it is a box of products created by women owned business. For only $25 a month, which includes shipping, you receive a great range of products from jewelry to cosmetics, from clothes bath and body. No other box will offer you this many great products at such a good price, and most are full sized! So if you want to support some small women owned business while getting amazing, unique items, you should sign up here!

The tissue paper lining Box 2 was similar to Box 1 in that, it too, was houndstooth. This time in pink! Every bit as chic, i couldn't wait to tare it open, gently of course!

When i got under the paper i was really shocked at how many items were in here! There were 7 items in total.  That means i only paid $3.50 per item! 

Rich Girlz Cross Bracelet-
I have been following Rich Girlz and her adorable daughter on instagram for a while. The girl is beautiful, stylish, and makes amazing accessories. I have been eying a few of her items for a while now but as you all can probably tell i buy mostly cosmetics and subscription boxes so i always put it off. I am so glad i received one of her products in The Big Pink Box. It is every bit of class and style that it thought it would be.  Made with Swarovski crystals, this impressive bracelet is a simple accessory that carries a lot of bling! While normally i would criticize the price, $30 dollars, Swarovski is a well known brand when it comes to crystals and i think this product may be worth more than even that asking price. I am not sure i would purchase this on my own due to the fact that i usually don't splurge on Swarovski and the cheaper versions are fine for me, i however love her other products and encourage anyone who likes hip, urban, trendy jewelery to check out some of her other items.
For this product and others please check out:

L.A.N.D. Whipfinity-
While this was a sample size i feel like it was a generous amount! I used this on both my hair and skin. A little goes such a long way. I placed some in the palms of my hands and rubbed them together before rubbing my hands through my hair. I also placed this on the rough areas on my skin. I went to bed. I woke up and my hair was soft and tangle free, but not greasy, and my skin felt softer! While this product does not feel oily or greasy i feel it is better to use it at night or while relaxing. I own a lot of higher end creams and lotions and i found this to be right on par with some of them. Made with 100% natural ingredients.
For this mositurzing product and more:
Phone- 850-602-4722
Price: $10 for full size (sample below is $1.25)

Bie Glam Star Track Watch-

I am absolutely delighted by this watch. I love pink, so maybe i am a little bias but wow a cute pink watch with a mirror face? Yes yes yes! With a push of a button the time is illuminated in red. This piece is stylish and also practical. I wish the mirror didn't blatantly say LED Watch, but it isn't one of those make or break kind of things for me. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes a stylish and fun watch that doubles as a mirror. Bie Glam offers products for "Small city girls with big city dreams", I am a big city girl with big city dreams and i adore this!
You can find this watch and other great items at:
Instagram- Bieglam
Price- $15

Zombies & Lollipops Beaded Bracelet-
Classy meets punk rock? Yep you just owned my heart! This adorable and classy bracelet from Zombies and Lollipops is awesome. Grey pearls and a teal skull is a unique combination that i am sure you won't find just anywhere. I love that this can be worn with a simple classy outfit like a blazer and pants and still come off as classy because it is subtle, but also be worn with ripped jeans and a band tee and come off as punk rock. It is veritile and i love that.
You can find this stylish item and more at:
 Website: or
Instagram- Cherrycola21

Freak Show Polish in Snake Lady-
This polish, while a sample size, packs a lot of polish. At first i thought this was an opaque glitter polish but it is more of  a top coat. With varying sizes of glitter in black, copper, and white, the "snake" theme is apparent. I think it is pretty overall, but i would have liked for it to have more glitter content since it applies a little thin. Dries fast, the order isn't too strong, and is not thick.
For more information about this polish and others check out:
Instagram- Freakshowpolish
Price: $9 (or $4.50 for this sample size)

Finetuned Treads Gift Certificate-
I was pretty happy to see this gift card until i visited the site. While the clothes look creative and trendy i couldn't really figure out how to buy anything. Plus, i did not see much plus size clothing. Shrugs

This month we received a bonus item in Box 2-
Sp3ctrum Cosmetics Moni Tiare Tahiti Soap-
This gentle soap with a unique scent is perfect to hydrate skin naturally. I loved the scent and how it left no residue upon use. Better than most bath and body works products i own.
You can find this product at:

Overall i was so pleased with this months The Big Pink Box. A great variety of items, great qaulity, cute packaging, a good amount of items and of course supporting women owned business. While some items were overpriced, in my opinion, others were right on point for value, making this box with every penny.


  1. They have a store on Etsy, Hope this helps!

    1. Hey thank you! I went just visited it, and while there are items to buy there, the gift certificate does not work there. I am really at a loss over what to do with this.