Saturday, December 8, 2012

November 2012 Sample Society Beauty Bar Review and Swatches

I guess i have put this off for long enough. Last month i received my second sample society box. I knew going into it that i really didn't like this subscription but i figured let me try it before i judge it. My first box was pretty lackluster, but this box was just so bad that i immediately canceled after i received it. This is the first subscription i have canceled.

The presentation of this box was great. I liked the sturdy black box that the samples came in, along with the little allure magazine that came with each box.

When i first opened this box it didn't seem so bad.

 L'Occtain Shea Hand Cream-
I really liked this item. It made my hands feel soft and the tube was really cute. I wish this sample had been a little larger. I have heard raves about this brand so this is one of the saving items of this box

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick-
This sample made me really angry. I have seen lipstick samples before, tiny ones like from Chanel that come with a little brush,  and the mini Makeup Forever ones that Sephora gives out sometimes. But i have never have the pleasure of having a lipstick that is about the size of half a small perfume vial sample. This has to be the tiniest lipstick i have ever seen. I get larger sample size lipsticks for free, and this is what i am paying for? No, no thank you. The color was quite lovely but also a color i have seen universally among all brands. It is really nothing special.

Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Mist-
I have gotten this for free from Sephora and also in my various other subscriptions. I have so many of these that i am sure, by now, i have accumulated enough to equal a full sized product. Because of that i feel this product is not new, and should not continue to be included in different sample boxes. If this product is new to you, that is fantastic, but receiving the same product so many times, just get's old. It isn't something i feel so deeply in love with that i would want so many. It does make hair soft, sleek, and frizz free, but there is no reason for so many boxes to be giving out so many.

 Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette-
This scent is like a floral, sweet, tobacco like scent. Different, not terrible, not something i would ever buy. This is a new release and i do like that Beauty Bar kept it fresh with this item but the scent did not appeal to me.

Dermalogica Precleanse-
This item got the most use. I do find it a little pointless however, that this product is meant to pre cleanse. If the product you are currently using does not clean your skin well enough that you need to pre cleanse then you are using the wrong product! I did find this useful on stubborn to remove makeup. This is also a product i would not go out of my way to buy.

 Overall this box was a waste of money. Small samples, useless products, repeats from other boxes, items i just didn't care for. This might appeal to someone but with so many other options out there for subscriptions, this is just very lack luster.

Goodbye Sample Society, beauty bar!

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