Saturday, December 1, 2012

October 2012 Beauty Army Box Review and Swatches

I realize i am on the brink of December and late is an understatement but here i am with my October Beauty Army Box. If you are wondering about the breast cancer awareness theme for my box, my window for selection is always at the end of the month, so i got this in November.

As always i love the sturdy box. I always reuse them to hold my nail polish supplies since if anything leaks these sturdy boxes prevent it from getting all over everything.

 My box this month was by no means terrible but also by no means impressive.

SKINN COSMETICS Twin Set (Pink Tulip)
When i saw this product in my selection window i was really excited. A matching, two in one, soft pink lipstick and gloss. While the lipstick has a soft, candy like odor, glides on soft, it isn't very pigmented so it is nice for just a wash of color. The gloss however, is a sticky, mess of a product that even a pre-teen with no makeup knowledge wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. It's a shame because this product could have been the shining star of this box and had so much potential.

While this isn't much of a beauty product i did like having this in my box. This tea made me feel alert and had an overall pleasant taste. Products like these are great not only for using as an actual beverage but teabags help to relieve puffiness in the eyes. So there are a few added benefits of seeing products like this in the selection window.

 BATH & BODY WORKS Twilight Woods Shower Gel
 So i have heard some people are getting sick of seeing bath and body works products in their selection window, i am not one of these people. I have loved being able to try so many amazing scents that i haven't yet got the chance to try. While they aren't worth the price listed on the bottom of the bottle i do find they added a decent amount of worth to by box in that i got almost half a month of use from this one little bottle. Warm scent, lathers nicely, and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

 Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
When i first opened this package i saw two, sort of, half moon shaped, pads that easily peel off. I applied these to my eyes and felt a cooling sensation. It wasn't super cold, but it was a nice feeling. I did notice a small difference in the way under my eyes look, but nothing significant enough that it would show up on camera.

LIPSI COSMETICS Aphrodite Powder
I got this powder last month and i liked it so much that when i saw it in my selection window i picked up another one. If you have an oily T-zone or just need a product that you can dust on to make your skin appear matte this is pretty good. It looks nude colored in the jar but actually adjusts to your skin color. I don't know if that applies to darker tones but if you are fair to warm in skin color this will work pretty well.

RUDDY WATER Blushed Fragrance Pouch
I liked the subtle feminine scent of this product but i don't think it is a product i would buy.

Every month Beauty Army lets you pick your own samples out of a selection of 9. My sections were decent and i feel they were worth the $12 i paid (shipping is included)  Like most monthly boxes this service is hit or miss. If you like the idea of being able to pick your samples, this would be a great box to sign up for. Sign up here!

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