Friday, December 14, 2012

The Big Pink Box Decemeber 2012 Box 1 Review

A few days ago i received my The Big Pink Box. After feeling just slightly a little underwhelmed last month i was really hoping that this month i would be wowed. I was more then wowed! First off, this month there were 2! boxes offered. Touted as the December double up. Since i always seem to find the grass greener on the other side i needed to get both. This post will be a review on Box 1.

If you are curious as to what The Big Pink Box is, it is a box of products created by women owned business. For only $25 a month, which includes shipping, you receive a great range of products from jewelry to cosmetics, from clothes bath and body. No other box will offer you this many great products at such a good price, and most are full sized! So if you want to support some small women owned business while getting amazing, unique items, you should sign up here!

I honestly loved how chic the packaging was this month. This houndstooth is just so classy.

The paper matched the intro card! This is the detail i live for!

Uniquely Bling Couture Bling Compact by Leticia Downing -
My eyes were pretty much drawn to this bag as soon as i started to shift through my items. As soon as i saw a soft pink hello kitty, a teal purse, and lots of bling, i thought i had died and went to heaven. For years i have seen ipod cases and other things blinged out like this but could never justify purchasing one due to the fact that i am always dropping things, however, blining out a compact mirror, now that is just genius. I did my unwrapping while facebook messaging with my friend Krys, and got stuck on this item for almost 20 mins. It is beautiful, it is cute, and it is something that i have always wanted! Just perfect. Plus it doesnt look like a home craft product, it is high quality, hand crafted, unique!
You can find this great product and others at:
Website- and
Phone- 801-201-7108
Price: $25

Jus Couture Accessories Fly Girl Bamboo Earrings-
Earrings in this style seem to have exploded in popularity. Dollar store, "bamboo" earrings (if you paid more than a dollar you over paid!) wrapped in colorful fabrics seem to be such an on trend accessory. But what sets each one apart? Quality! This fabric is held on sturdy with no fraying. I loved how these did not feel heavy and had a great color scheme. To have the creativity to take a 1980's urban style earring and turn it into something new and trendy takes creativity. I really am glad that i got these in my box, and i WILL be making a purchase from this store sometime after the holiday.
You can find this and other amazing products at:
Phone- 248-636-4226
Instagram- _JusCouture
Price: 10$

Pink Leopard Frog Bracelet-
This simple double chained gold bracelet is really classy. While it is obviously just a chain doubled up with a clasp, sometimes the simplest designs are the most stylish. I love that it's simple enough to wear with anything but does not look like something home made. It is good quality, good metal, but in no way worth $25. I would pay $15 tops. 
Instagram: Pinkleopardfrog
Price: $25

Queta Accessories Handmade Bowtie-
I have to be honest, i am not the kind of person to wear bow ties like this. This however would make a great bracelet or hair accessory. I will be wearing it double wrapped around my wrist. Plus i just know one day i will put on an outfit and thing this would look great with a purple bow tie, i just know it. I am pleased at the quality of the item and the design.
If you would like to purchase this item and others check out:
Instagram: MsChruchDress
Price : $15

Haute Designs and Styling Hand Bracelete-
This was one of the most unique items i encountered in this box. I have never seen something like this. Made of colored metal, mine in a chartreuse color, bend to form the word love. This hand bracelete is just that, a braclete for your hand. It cuffs right below the knuckles and wraps around the hand. While it may appear to be uncomfortable it is actually fits quite nicely. It is slightly adjustable and i love how when i wore it people asked me what is was, and where i got it! I got quite a few compliments on it. I loved the simple design and how it isn't something that you commonly see. It it did not loose its shape from wear and appears to be high quality. The price is on point too!
You can find this and other unique items at:
Phone: 816-756-4402
Price: $7

Body by Brown Roque Milk Bath-
I am in the middle of sorting out classes, taking care of a 2 year old, being a housewife, and a beauty blogger, while it may not seem like very demanding it is. I love to take a long bath at the end of the day like that little treat to let my body know, hey i still care! I always love a good bath product that can make that time feel even more relaxing. I was a little skeptical of this white powder but once i smelled it and soaked in it, i felt my skin as softer and smelling amazing. I found that only a little bit of this product goes a long way. The powder isn't too light so it doesn't go everywhere when you put it in the tube and it doesn't leave a residue either! I really liked this bath product, and i am sure i will get more in the future.
If you would like to find this and other fantastic body products please check out:

As a bonus item, this box also included:
Sp3trum Cosmetics Vanilla Dreaming Moni Oil-
When i received this oil it was solidified at the top of the bottom. I was unable to get any of it out. placed the in a pot of hot water and once it melted a little i was loose i was able to use it. I really did like the scent of this item and it did leave my skin feeling soft.

Overall i was so pleased with this months The Big Pink Box. A great variety of items, great qaulity, cute packaging, a good amount of items and of course supporting women owned business. While some items were overpriced, in my opinion, others were right on point for value, making this box with every penny.


  1. Why is someone not doing this for you? The Big Pink Box is such a good idea, but the typing is horrible!! Pay someone to do it for you so it can really go somewhere! Such a great idea.

    1. I guess because this is my blog, and while my grammar and maybe even my spelling may not always be on point for various reasons (taking care of my son while blogging, blogging via my iPod, etc) i do put my heart into my reviews. It is a great idea and i will take this as constructive criticism and work on my typing. Thank you for your time.