Monday, December 10, 2012

The Look Bag November 2012 Review and Swatches

The Look Bag, the runt of the subscription services. After the fiasco in July and then the expired products last month, i really wasn't anticipating The Look Bag for November even with the promise of items to make up for last month. While this month turned out to be not so bad, it still isn't exactly living up to my expectations.

This month the look bag arrived in a hot pink bubble mailer. The look store sticker was missing but i am not trivial about little things like that. The items included, at first, look like a great assortment but i do have some gripes (and praises) for some of these items.

Sally Hansen La Cross Tweezers-
When i looked online for pricing i found out this product is no longer sold. While that isn't much of a big deal since a discontinued tweezers just don't leave me with the same bad feeling as do discontinued eye shadow (that is expired). These are useful however the rounded tips make it hard to pick up fine hair and make precision a little difficult. I guess it doesn't matter either way since if you wanted them they are no longer in stores. Sorry.

 Too Faced Starry Eyed-
I think this product is just gorgeous! It is a clear gel with just a little bit of black and silver glitter. I love how its subtle but fun. I love glitter and anything that blings, but sometimes it is nice to just have a hint of sparkle. This product is available on the Too Faced website for $15.75. I received Ooh and Aah. Vegan friendly.

 Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Shade in Lavender Love-
I have a feeling this product is discontinued due to the fact that i can't seem to find it for sale anywhere online. I am crossing my fingers that it is not expired. Overall i liked this shadow. It was soft and easy to apply and blend but not soft enough to have fallout. I like the soft finish to it.

June Jacobs-
This bar of soap, though pleasant in scent and appearance reminded my boyfriend of hotel soap. The last thing you want to hear from your significant other is that you smell like hotel soap. I found this product left a little bit of residue on my hands and i had to rise them a little more than i usually would with other soaps. I did not use this on my body.

 Korres Liquid Lipstick-
This product made me very happy! I like Korres as a brand and the quality of this product is superb. I got shade 56 which is a bright cherry red. It applys smoothly and creamy. Stays glossy but feels like a lipstick. Made my lips look beautiful but did not dry them out. This is fantastic and something i would purchase in the future.

Marc Jacobs Lola-
This perfume smells beautiful. Floral and feminine. While i do wish that subscription services would offer primarily new products to try i don't mind older ones if they are high quality.

 Scarlett & Greene-
I have to be honest, i did not try this product. I have so many facial cleansers and moisturizers, and face creams that this is a product that i don't see myself being interested in. It seems like it is geared towards teenagers and for someone in their late 20's i just don't feel any urge to use this.

Overall The Look Bag is improving and i give them kudos for that, but, they have much to improve on. While some products are hits others make no sense or are misses. I hope December is a much better bag or it may be headed to the chopping block. You can sign up here for $12.95 a month.

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