Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wet N Wild Where's The Party Review, Swatches, and Dupes

Limited Edition- the most tempting combination of words if there ever was. Wet N Wild has released a collection of palettes for their limited edition collection Where's The Party. I have to say, while my drugstore is amazing, i do love you Duane Reade, it does not always have what i am looking for in terms of Limited Edition collections. I searched far and wide for these. I went to every drugstore in my area including Walgreen's, Rite Aid, CVS, and Duane Reade. My local CVS no longer carries any Wet N Wild and told me to check out NYC Color to which i cocked my head to the side in disbelief before walking out. Needless to say i wasn't getting my hands on these. So i called in some favors from some out of state friends who were able to find these for me and send them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anyway, the theme of these palettes seems to be bright, bold, matte, glitter, shimmer, drama! Which is pretty perfect for a party look! The only palette that seemed out of place to me was Sparkle 'Til Morning. This palette, while beautiful, seems like more of a summer palette. With warm bronzey colors and a touch of turquoise it made me think of the beach. No really on season if you live in the north, but it is great for those who live in the southern states or warmer areas. Overall the qaulity of these palettes is exactly what you would expect from Wet N Wild. Some of these shades have fall out but the pigmentation is fantastic. The matte shades deliver the best pigmentation and the more shimmery colors can be a little crumbly. I found certain shades like the matte white to feel and look just a tiny bit chalky. For $5 dollars a palette though you cant really complain over the little things like that. As with all the Wet N Wild Palettes there is a guide as to where each shade should go for a complete look, but you can always do your own or mix and match.

If you are unable to find these palettes, do not fret, there are plenty of dupes both inside and outside of the Wet N Wild brand which will be listed under the individual palette reviews.

Shimmer The Night Away
This palette is pretty versatile. Since a smokey eye is universally flattering on almost everyone the inclusion of a white to black gradient on the left side was a great decision. The micro silver glitter in the bottom black adds just the right amount of sparkle without being overly glittery. The crease shade is a bit of a greyed silver and has a pearlesq finish while the silver (eyelid) is a little more metallic. The brow bone white also has a bit of a pearlesq finish.  On the right side there is a gradient from a pinky mauve down to an indigo/violet. The indigo/violet shade has a bit of sparkle in it with some micro silver glitter (similar to the black) while the crease and eyelid shade have a bit of a pearl finish. The mauve brow bone shade is a soft semi matte.  Since purple is still trending in many higher end makeup brands such as MAC, Lancome, and even Chanel. You can get the higher end look with a much cheaper price tag. These shades all blend well together and whether you use the shades all from one side, the other, or mix, you can create a stunning look for a party or otherwise. I found over primer these shadows can last a good 5 hours.

Wet N Wild Shimmer The Night Away

Wet N Wild Shimmer The Night Away
Wet N Wild Shimmer The Night Away
Wet N Wild Shimmer The Night Away
Wet N Wild Shimmer The Night Away over primer with flash

Wet N Wild Shimmer The Night Away over primer without flash

 The pink, eyelid, shade from the right side of this palette is the same color as the pink eyelid shade from I'm Feeling Retro.

 The gray/black crease shade on the left side of the palette along with the silver eyelid shade are the same crease and eyelid color from Don't Steal My Thunder.

 The glittery black definer shade from the left side of this palette is the same as the crease shade in the Spoiled Brat palette.

 While i wasn't able to match them all i do hope this helps you if you are unable to find this palette.

 Drinking A Glass of Shine-
This one has to be my favorite of the three. The magic word when it comes to makeup, aside from limited edition, is matte. You tell me its matte and i pretty much hand you my credit card and walk away. These shades are so pigmented they rival my MAC and YSL. They are comparable to Coastal Scents Matte Palette, but this is of course cheaper ($5). I love how this palette, like the one above, offers a bright look and a more neutral look. I feel it allows for more looks. Sometimes when i am heading off to class, though i want to look fabulous, layering on three different bright colors at 4am really doesn't always go over well. So it is nice to be able to choose the nude as a lid color with a crease of the bright blue blending out to the deep violet. For all other occasions though such as a night out with the girls, a fun party, or even just going for a trendy look, these colors are perfectly paired. On the right the bright, white can come off a little chalky when applied but it isn't a deal breaker. The rich green, cerulean blue, and violet purple all apply evenly. Since these are matte they are a little harder then the other colors, which leads them to have little to no fallout. I find these shades work well on their own and combined. On the right there are more neutral colors that range from a light tan to a rich chocolate brown. A blended natural eye look can be created or smokey brown eye. These shades blend effortlessly together and their pigmentation is amazing. Even when applied over bare skin, these had high pigmentation, for a longer lasting look though, use a primer.

Wet N Wild Drinking A Glass Of Shine

Wet N Wild Drinking A Glass Of Shine

Wet N Wild Drinking A Glass Of Shine over primer without flash

Wet N Wild Drinking A Glass Of Shine over primer with flash

 While i loved this palette, i wasn't really able to dupe it. If you like bright matte colors, please check out this palette from Coastal Scents.

 Sparkle 'Til Morning-
If you love the way this palette looks you will be happy to know this is also the most dupable. The shades of this palette are very bronze, very metallic with the exception of the pop of turquoise. I don't know about you but i love turquoise (could be because i am native American...). Such a bright shade that can make any eye look pop. The left side contains a creamy soft white taupe, a light tan, a copper shade, and turquoise. These all have a bit of a pearl finish aside from the crease, copper, which is a little more metallic. On the left the shades range from a soft pinky nude, a metallic soft bronze, a light tan, and a rich brown that has gold micro glitter. All of these shades blend together nicely. This palette is a little softer then the others so be careful not to press too hard. This palette had a little bit of fallout but it wasn't major. The pigmentation was high but it was better over a primer. These colors remind me of chocolate and champagne now that i think of it, so while i still feel they are kind of beachy i can now see how they work for the party theme.

Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning

Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning

Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning

Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning over primer with flash
Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning over primer without flash

Right Side Dupes-
The brow bone color on the right side is the same color as the eyelid color in Walking on Eggshells, while the eyelid color on the ride side of this palette is similar to crease color in the Walking on Eggshells palette. It is not as metallic.

The eyelid shade from the right side of the palette and the definer shade from the right side of this palette are the exact same colors as the eyelid color and crease color (respectively) from the I'm Getting Sunburned palette.

Left Side Dupes-
If you really liked the left side of this palette, you are in luck! Both Maybelline and Black Radiance offer these same exact colors in palette form.

 Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Till Morning vs. Black Radiance Moroccan Mix
 The left side is Wet N Wild, while the right side is Moroccan Mix. The colors are identical aside from the first shade which is a little more pigmented in Black Radiance.

 Wet N Wild Sparkle 'Till Morning vs. Maybelline Irresistibly Ivy

 The left is Wet N Wild and the right is Maybelline. As you can see the shades are slightly different in the Maybelline palette. The first two shades are identical. The turquoise shade in the Maybelline palette is a little darker and the final shade is a darker brown than the middle copper included in the Wet N Wild. They both deliver a similar look.

 Overall, if you like inexpensive, highly pigmented, bright, fun colors with a neutral option thrown in, then these palettes are a good choice for you. They are very easy to work with, last long when worn over primer, and have minimal fallout. The biggest downside is these are hard to find.


  1. I love these! So pigmented for so little money :o
    I got your comment about Barry m lip paints; they're actually really difficult to source in the u.s. but I'd be happy to arrange a swap :) I'd love to try some cover girl and wet and wild stuff x

    1. Oh, id like that maybe. Let me know what products you've been eyeing and i will see if i can get my hands on it for you.

  2. My Drinking a Glass of Shine was so chalky :(

    I still can't find Sparkle Til Morning since searching in October D: It's nice to see there's palettes similar, but blahhh. Oh well :(

    1. Yah, it was chalky, but for 5 dollars it isn't the worst.

      These all were so hard to find. I dont understand why, even though they are limited edition, that they couldn't be more widely available. I hope you are able to find it, if not i believe there are some on ebay and the dupes are very close.