Friday, December 21, 2012

Ipsy My Glam bag December 2012 Review and Swatches

Happy Haute Holidays! is the theme for this months festively themed Ipsy bag. While the Holiday theme is mostly safely in the politically correct zone with only the miss Clause boot on the wire, the products themselves do not scream holiday to me. I am sure other bloggers have mentioned this but this bag really reminds me of just another version of Octobers bag. That is not an entirely bad thing but i just feel they could have been more festive with this bag.

 The bag itself i found to be rather boring. It is absolutely practical but very boring. A simple grey bag that will fit your essentials in, but i feel they could have given something with glitter or squints, something fun!

 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero-
I own about 4 of these products, many for free in various Urban Decay palettes, plus Ipsy has already given out so many black eye liner that i was left feeling unimpressed. This product is a good choice if you like pencil liners that glide on smooth and are blendable to create a smokey eye.

 In addition i was also given an Urban Decay Primer exclusive preview for being active. I am not active at all on the Ipsy site. I have my blog, instagram, and am active on makeup talk. If i took up being active on Ipsy i would be spreading myself way too thin. So i was a bit shocked to receive this product.  This product is a beauty balm that goes on smooth and feels very natural. I used it on my face under my normal powders and it was not heavy at all. It blended to match my skin tone which was nice. It was the quality i would expect from Urban Decay. I don't know if i would replace the product i use now with it, but I have a feeling it will be a hit.

 Mai Couture Highlighter Papier-
This is a lie. This product is not a highlighter. I don't know who told the people over at Mai Couture that this was a highlighter, but they should be fired.  It is too dark in tone and too golden to highlight, it is however, a fantastic bronzer. So do i hate this product? No not at all, it is nice to rub on the top of the cheeks and the chest for a bit of a sun kissed glow and really turns a tired face into a more youthful face (trust me i am a mom i know!) So all in all not bad. It is also nice that this is a book and makes it less messy than a brush and bronzing powder.

 Mirabella Primer for eyes and face-
This primer is very, very greasy, a light greasy but none the less greasy. I don't think i will be using this product much because i like something just a little less.... oily. Applys clear. I think this would be great for affixing glitter.

 NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Charcoal Pearl-
Years ago i bought every single NYX loose shadow. I still have most of them and always found their quality for loose pigments to be pretty great. This shade is somewhat boring to me though. I already own it and i use it sparingly when creating neutral looks. It is a very soft and find powder, good pigmentation and i had no issues blending it. I would have loved to have gotten a gold or silver since those are more my personality, but this is acceptable.

Be a Bombshell Hot Mess Lip Gloss-
Red lip gloss again? We did this in October, and the one in October was better quality in my opinion so i wasn't over thrilled with this gloss. It glides on smooth, has no weird after taste, very shiny, it is not a full pigmented gloss but it is a nice wash of color. I did not find this sticky, tacky, or drying. I think i would layer this over a red lipstick rather than use it on its own.

 For months now Ipsy has been pushing Just Fab, now they sent out a little booklet of shoe options! I am still passing though.

 Overall this month had some great brands just the products were so similar to other months that it undermined how awesome this month could have been. New subscribers may not have mind this bad so much but when you keep getting the same items over and over it becomes less of a treat and more of just redundant products. I love red lips and black liner but i also like stepping out of my box with these monthly subscriptions. Ah well, i hope for better variety in the new year!

If you want to sign up for Ipsy it is $10 monthly, shipping included, and is a cosmetics based subscription! You can sign up here!