Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beauty Army January 2013 Review

I am a little sad to announce that this will be my last Beauty Army Review  (at least for a while). I have suspended my account due to declining selection and too many repeating items. I felt i was not being introduced to new items  and the new items i did find i was receiving in other boxes at a cheaper price. I hope in the future that the selections improve and i will gladly resubscribe.

The January Beauty Army box, which i did not receive until the middle of February (another reason i canceled) marked the one year anniversary for Beauty Army. For their birthday they included a special 7th item in the box.

The special 7th item was a Mark Scanda-Lash sample mascara in Blacklash  Since this sample is in a smaller box it came without an extender cap. Beauty Army usually includes one but because i also got a Mark Lip Gloss they made sure to only send me one so i had to pick which product i wanted to have a hard time opening. Since i have plenty of mascara that i don't have to worry about, i decided to let the mascara have no cap.
Once opened this small wand left me wondering if this product could really deliver some scandalous lashes. While i did not find it to give me lashes i would call anything other than regular i did like how natural and full they looked. It wasn't clumpy and separated my lashes nicely. Great for everyday wear. I think they need to think about the name of this mascara and give it something a little more timid to suit how it really makes lashes look.

The items i choose for this month's box are:

Mark Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss in Honey-
This is the second Hook Up Lip Gloss i have gotten from Mark from Beauty Army. Honey is a light pinky nude. I liked that this gloss did not feel sticky or overly wet on my lips. It wasn't too sheer but also gave just a nice wash of color. The pigmentation did not settle into my lips and i did not have any bleeding. I like how this gloss wears nicely on bare lips and over nude lipsticks/liners.

Lash Card Sample-
Have you ever been in a rush putting on your mascara and found mascara spots on your freshly done shadow? Yeah, i think its happened to us all at least once, however, while it may be a bit of a let down is it really enough to hold a card up to your lid every time mascara is applied? Probably not. This product is great in theory, and possibly great for those times when you create a really creative shadow look that requires just an extra level of protection to prevent the look from being ruined. However i am sure these cards can be used over and over and there really is no need to actual re-purchase this item. Overall i find it just simply novel.

 Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Body Wash-
This is either my second or third time getting this product, and quite frankly, i am sick of reviewing it.

 Yes To Carrots Nourishing Super Rich Body Butter-
The sheer size of this packet leaves this body butter as more of a quick hand lotion. While i did find this sample to be moisturizing and felt natural and non greasy, i couldn't get an actual feel for it on my body due to its small size.

GG Ooh LaLa Volume-
This tiny packet of conditioner could not be tested due to the fact that i have long hair and the tiny amount did not even cover my long hair. It is a shame because this product seemed like it would work overall had only Beauty Army been more concerned with their long haired customers. 

Whip Hand Camo Collection Limited Edition Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in  Special Forces-
Long name, tiny bottle, great pigmentation. A tiny bit really goes a long way with this shadow. This shade is a fantastic neutral with just the right bit of shimmer. I used a little bit on my lid and also brushed some on the apples of my cheeks and found this product to really brighten up my face. I like how versatile it is. In terms of quality it is impressive!

Overall i did like this box, while there were some repeats and some samples were too small, it really wasn't a disappointment. I have liked this subscription as a whole and it is great in theory but i felt were limited options, this really veered me away from this subscription. Usually when a box starts to go down in my opinon i look toward past boxes, point systems, or rewards, as a way of convincing myself to stay on. Beauty Army's reward system i felt was slow and really did offer much other than small discounts. Not to mention the day you sign up determines when you can pick samples for each box. I was always right before and right after the good samples were released and always felt i was missing out.

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