Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birch Box February 2013 Review

Are you red carpet ready? If you aren't this months Birchbox will bring you one step closer to flawless perfection. From face to nails to hair, this month's Birchbox has a little of everything. And had you been wondering what happened to to reccognizing Valintines day? Birchbox included just a little bit of chocolate.

I am not going to bost and say i loved this box, because i didn't. I wasn't wowed or blown away, however, what i will say is that after having a bit of time to reflect on this box (it is March now after all) I have grown to really enjoy its contents. Had I done this review when I first got my box this post may have been just a tad more negative.

Color Club Nail Polish in Wild Cactus 
First off, I quickly became a Color Club fan when I joined Birch Box. I seem to always get samples from them and its the one product I know I will like. The quality it's always on par at least during the polishing part and even though it chips a bit after only a few days I always add a good top coat. This shade is a beautiful green that applys opaque in on coat. I like that it isn't too thick and is on trend with the emerald green shades. 
I have zero curls, not one curl. So I was very confused when Birch Box thought it would be amazing to send me this. After emailing them and talking about why this sample was put in my box I have grown to understand that this product is fantastic for frizz. Now if only this little package was resealable. It did help control frizz but did make my roots feel a little greasy. I'd rather have sleek hair than frizzy hair though.

Ghiraelli Squares Milk Chocolate with Caramel-
This was so drugstore, but I did find it delicious. The caramel just oozed out and even though Birch Box did not focus on valentines day this was a nice treat none the less. 
In February Birch Box had partnered up with Lancôme to offer some pretty great products both inside and outside the monthly box. While I was hoping for some facial cleanser I was happy to be able to try this. I always trust Lancôme and they rarely disappoint. This base was a great way to start the makeup application runtime and allowed my makeup to really stay put all day. I liked that it wasn't heavy and did not feel greasy. 

This scrub made my face really fresh. I used this twice a week for three weeks and I was sad to see it finished. This made my fade feel clean and smooth. It was a great way to exfoliate.

Overall, only in retrospect, was I able to really enjoy the products in this box. If you are interested in Birch Box it is a beauty subscription that offers samples for only 10$ a month that includes shipping. While every month may not be fantastic and you may not always get the box you want you do get the opportunity to try some great products and even get some great deals. Birch Box gives you points for each product you review from your monthly box. Once you reach 100 you are given $10 to spend in the shop. If this all interests you, you can sign up here!

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