Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maybelline Color Goes Electric Color Sensational Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

 Do you eve just wish you could find a decent drugstore (or any type!) of lip gloss that was more than a beautiful color in the tube but clear on the lips? I wish this more often than i care to admit and most times it is the reason i will pass on lip gloss all together. When i saw Maybelline's Color Goes Electric Color Sensational Lip Gloss in Mirrored Plum (bright purple) and how smooth and pigmented it was,  i was so impressed i had to go back and get them all!

The formula overall of these glossy is non sticky, does not bleed, does not settle into lines, applies evenly, and has only a light sent. Mostly opaque and semi opaque shades. 2-3 hours of wear with light eating and drinking. Many of these shades feel more like a light liquid lipstick rather than a gloss because of their high pigmentation. Applies with a doe foot applicator.

Knock Out Pearl- A sheer shimmer lavender pink gloss with a pearlesq finish. While this shade is the sheerest of the six it still has great pigmentation. Even on pigmented lips it lightens and has a nice shimmer. The shimmer is not glittery though and feels smooth on the lips. Great on its own, layered over lipstick, or liner. Goes well over most pink lipsticks or Maybelline Vivid Shocking Coral.
Mirrored Plum- Bright purple. This gloss is semi-opaque. Shiny and glossy this shade has enough color to stand on its own on bare lips. Also looks great layered over Maybelline Vivids Brazen Berry and Hot Plum.
Striking Peach- Sheer shimmer peach gloss with a pearlesq finish. This shade is also a bit sheer but still gives a lot of coverage on the lips. Lightens gives a nice smooth peach color to the lips. Can be applied over shades like Maybelline Vivids Electric Orange or Orange Edge or on its own.

Punch Of Pink- Creamy baby pink. This gloss is a full coverage without any shimmer. This shade settles slightly into the lines of the lips but only after about an hour of wear. Great to apply over Maybelline Vivids Pink Pop.
Riveting Rose- Bright fuchsia pink this shade is almost completely opaque. Is enough to wear on its own and applies very bright. This shade really does pop on the lips. Great to also wear over Maybelline Vivids Vivid Rose
Fiercely Fuchsia- Bright Fuchsia pink with violet iridescent. There is a light bit of shimmer. This color is very similar to Riveting Rose but the only difference is the slight violet reflection. This shade is great over Maybelline Vivids Fuchsia Flash.

Overall if you are looking for a gloss that packs a lot of pigment or even just a gloss that will cover your lips without settling into fine lines, bleeding, or feeling sticky this is a great choice. At only $7.99 each with above drugstore quality these feel like a steal. The only downside is that these are limited edition and can be hard to find.

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