Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wet N Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip Colpor in Click On My Hypepink, Cherry On Top, and Back to the Fuchsia Review and Swatches

Remember those really fantastic Wet n Wild megalast matte shades? Though a little drying delivered a punch of pigmentation in a range of fun to conventional colors? Well Wet N Wild tried to raise the bar with their new Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lipstick. For it's price tag and touted lasting power i so wanted to love this product, however there were too many let downs for me to fall in love.

This product comes in a pretty standard lip gloss tube. The applicator is a doe foot applicator that applys the slightly thin and almost milky consistency of this liquid lip gloss to the lips. While i was expecting a smooth, almost velvet like application (like Lancome or Limecrime) it was a weird and tacky feeling. As the thin liquid lip color dried it became tacky but not sticky and felt quite weird on the lips. The lighter shade, Click on my Hyperpink, was extremely streaky and any attempt to correct this by applying over the areas of steaks, it left my lips feeling heavily coated. When i smiled after this product dried it felt cakey and cracked on my lips. Once dry this product was staying put. I wiped, rubbed, even used a baby wipe and rubbed hard and only a little came off. This product was a nightmare to remove but i could eat and drink without this product budging. The one benefit of this product is that it does go on shockingly bright and that is hard to find in the drugstore market.

Darker colors like Cherry On Top only had the latter problems. It was not streaky, applied evenly, and only cracked when i smiled. I recommend applying this product while the lips are completely crease free. Smile while applying. This product will still feel a bit cakey but will not have the same issues as Click on my Hyperpink. Oil makes this product easier to remove from the lips. So applying lip gloss under this product may cause it not to last as long on the lips. This product is very drying

 Back the the Fuchsia was in the mid range of quality in that it is only mildly streaky, still quite bright, it still felt a bit cakey and had the staying power of both the above colors.

Overall i am not sure i would really recommend this product unless you are looking for a really bright, long lasting, liquid lipstick that drys matte. Colors like red and fuchsia are not that hard to find in these forms so i suggest other brands such as Limecrime and Lancome. Click On My Hyperpink would be a great choice if you want a long lasting, bright baby pink, but you have to know it might be uncomfortable on the lips due to it being so dry.
Can be found here, and at drugstores for $2.99

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