Friday, November 30, 2012

Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle Review and Swatches

My love of bright and dramatic lipstick colors is no secret, and sometimes i don't always know what to pair with certain shades since there is a fine line between looking fresh and trendy and like a box of crayola (though sometimes i really wish i could just wear every color at once!). A good choice to down play the pop of color on the lips is to choose a neutral or monotone eye shade. When i am not going bright, i do love a good nude as well, i want my eyes to pop but a little more classically. Whats a good product for both looks? A smokey, slightly sparkly, eye shadow.

Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle is a rich, pigmented black, with small silver micro shimmer. It is not by any means glittery, its subtle sparkle that adds just a small touch shimmer to the eye without taking away from the shadows rich pigment. If you like your shadow more shimmery after application dab a little extra shadow over your look to deposit extra shimmer. I found this shade soft, but not crumbly. Easy to blend, highly pigmented, minimal fall out, and extremely long lasting. I wore this out, fell asleep, and woke up with my eye shadow in tact. So if you are looking for a shadow to last all day and into the night you need to pick this up! You can find it exclusively here.
Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle
Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle

When applied over primer the shimmer is more apparent while when applied on bare skin it isn't as apparent given you choice in how you want this product to look on you.
with flash over primer
without flash over primer
I was super tired, so please excuse my tired eye. I am wearing this shadow on my lid with a soft swipe of primer on my lid. I applied this shadow with a small eyeshadow brush to my lid and gently swept it upward to the brow bone. I dabbed on some extra near my lash line to have a little extra shimmer there. I applied mascara and the look was gone. Pair with a dramatic lip color or a nude lip!

Over all i would recommend Milan Rowe Pressed Eyeshadow in Dazzle if you are looking for a fantastic, high pigmented, slightly sparkly, black shadow that is long lasting, easily bendable, and will give you the perfect smokey eye to pair with both dramatic and nude lips. If you want to try bold and bright colors, Milan Rowe is a great place to turn to. You won't be disappointed. To see the whole range of shades and products please check out Milan Rowe Cosmetics.  

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