Sunday, April 21, 2013

BH Hollywood Limited Edition Palette Review and Swatches

A couple of weeks back i got a promotion that i just could not pass up. The BH Hollywood Limited Edition Palette, though small, packs enough products to complete the perfect celebrity look! Though not for the neutral lover anyone looking to expand their color range or just have a little bit of fun with brights will really enjoy this palette!

The packaging of this product is a bit unique. Lately i have seen quite a few brands offering up themed palettes in the same old, same old black matte cases. BH gives you something a little fun with this palette in that it opens up like a book. Each side folds out to expose two rows of eyeshadow. The middle flat opens up to expose a mirror along with blush and highlighter.

The Hollywood palette features an artistic scene of a popular street lined with palm tree's as the sun sets. While i have never been to California, this scene alone makes me wish i was there!
The formula on these shadows for the most part was that some are chalky while others are a bit powdery. I would have liked to see a happy medium between the two textures but it wasn't so bad that i would consider not using it over. The matte shades were the hardest while the more shimmery shades were the softest. This is usually the case when it comes to shadows like this. The matte shades were just a bit harder to blend but were also highly pigmented. These would be best applied patted down with only slight blending on the edges to soften.

The included shades are not for everyone. The left side has a very "red" theme. Many people find this a hard color to wear on the eye. There are ways of using it and making it work for any occasion but the way that it is set up in this palette it would be hard to wear these reds for everyday looks. Though there is a pink and coral thrown into the left side these can be equally hard shades to pull off if you are not used to wearing brights. If paired with some of the lighter shades like sliver, white, or even yellow (for a sunset look) or even used on the crease, even the most timid could enjoy a pop of red. As for the right, i feel this is a more wearable set of colors for most people. I personally would wear any shade from this palette but i know the same is not true with everyone. The yellows (both soft and bright) paired with greens (again both soft and bright) mesh really well with the purples and navy's. The ability to try a bright colors softer version, along with the option of a bright, is fantastic for those who want to try a new shade out or step out of their comfort zone without fully having to commit to the shade.

The blushes are much prettier in person than they appeared online and i felt these were almost the highlight of the entire palette. The shimmery coral on the upper left side leans sheer but makes the skin look just a little flushed. The white below it is used as a highlighter to really bring out the cheek bones, the soft pink on the upper right is great for lighter skin tones and is also a natural flush just a bit lighter and sans shimmer. The bottom right color is a bronzer. This shade really gives the skin a nice sun kissed tone and would be great to contour with. All these shades can be built up and are easy to blend out.

Overall i feel this palette gives a lot of options to the more brave makeup wearers while allowing those who would like to branch out on their color scheme an easy way to try out some new and fun colors. With some softer shades thrown in this palette can be wearable but there is still a lot of shades on the left side that will not really appeal to a lot of people. The blushes, bonzer, and highlighter were a nice addition and make the entire palette worth it. This product is limited edition and you can find it here for $17.95!

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