Friday, April 12, 2013

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in New Yolk City, Mint To Be, and No She Didn't Review and Swatches

Prepare yourself, these swatches are not for the meek and the timid! At the beginning of March Lime Crime restocked all the delicious and bright pastel shades of lipstick ($15.99). While i honestly don't remember these ever being "seasonal" they are now, so get them while you can.

The packaging is something you may either love or hate. These babies come packaged in a bight purple box adorned with silver unicorns and if you think it ends there you are wrong. The tubes themselves feature a holographic unicorn and stars on a bright purple base. These tubes are almost the size of MAC but just a bit larger. These snap closed.
The formula is very creamy and highly pigmented. These apply well but after an hour they begin to look sometimes streaky or chalky. I like to line my lips with a corresponding liner ( try MAC chromatography pencils) to prevent a streaky or cakey look after a few hours. I also suggest blotting your lips after applying because simple pressing of the lips together can cause the look of this lipstick to change on your lips. While not the best formula on their own there are solutions and they are great for photo shoots. I personally did not find these drying but i would suggest exfoliating lips before applying to avoid any lip flaws showing through.

The shades that i picked up are New Yolk City a bright banana yellow (this shade had the most issues with even coverage), Mint To Be - green mint, and No She Didn't a bright blue shade (this had the best coverage)

New Yolk City:

Mint to Be:

No She Didn't:

Overall if you are looking for some shockingly bright lipstick you can look no further than Lime Crime. Great for photo shoots, quick wear, or worn over a corresponding lip pencil. There are other brands with higher quality lipsticks like Milan Rowe ($14) who has similar colors. You can check out Caribbean Queen and Phenomenon as they are similar to Mint to Be and No She Didn't.

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  1. omg, I love how your jewelry and nail polish match the lipsticks. I'm not really a fan of the pastel lipsticks, but I do like the yellow and blue on you