Monday, April 22, 2013

The Big Pink Box February 2013 Box 2

For the month of February, The Big Pink Box went all out, or so i thought. Touted as one of the most valuable boxes i was pretty psyched to receive my box. I ordered both of the boxes for this month since i do love a good surprise. While overall both boxes were a flop there were some great items in each. Of the two February boxes this box had the lowest value and the worst products i have seen yet in this subscription.

The theme of this valentines day decorated box was "Take Yourself Out". Unlike box 1, this boxes products did not overall fit the theme. It felt like a bunch of left overs were thrown in this box. I would have been happier to see just box 1 for the month. It also would have helped if it wasn't hyped up. There would have been less disappointment. From cheap buttons to a poorly made headband this box just falls flat.

What i received-

Dangerous Designs-
This lip balm (? i am not even sure) which smells deliciously of pineapples and aptly named Iced Pineapple was one of the better items in this box. From the cute heart sticker which shows personality to the easy to open tin this product is now a staple in my purse. Smooth and great for chapped lips.

Bubble Babez Bath Bomb Cupcake-
Yet another delicious bath treat from Bubble Babez. This item is another item that helps redeem this box. This cute little cupcake turns an ordinary bath into an escape with a great scent and skin soothing properties you cant help but treat yourself to this product

Crown BeYouty Bastet Hair Butter-
While i have no real qualms about this product i really wouldn't consider it a product that i am treating myself with or taking myself out with. It does make hair feel soft and not oily. I like the texture. I just feel like it didn't go well with the theme. The all natural ingredients were nice though.

Design Thrifty Boutique-
These metal camo hoop earrings are cute. I feel they are quite out of place in the theme of this box but none the less nice. I liked that they were not heavy and did not irritate my ear.

Evokee Bamboo Polish Face Scrub By EEM Collection-
I was a little scared by this title to be honest. It turns out this product is a gem though. Follow the instructions for a baby soft face and it really works.

Pretty Girls Club-
The kiss button is cute, i wont lie, but i have not worn pins since middle school. I do not know how they fit in treating myself... or taking myself out. They have sat in a box since February... i am not sure if they will ever come out.

Three Heartz Headband-
I used to love wearing headbands like this when i was a teenager. A three pack cost 5$. This very lose headband which constantly slips from my head is selling for $14. I laughed a bit, and bit this in the box with the buttons.Perhaps if it wasn't such a cheap piece of material or had my stretch i wouldn't be so critical of it, but it honestly is just that... a cheap piece of material.

Overall this box was very unified. With products that were a waste of time, i was shocked at how hyped up February was. I could not even bring myself to blog about it until now in fear that i would be way too harsh on it. While some items were nice this box was not worth it.
While this box may have been a flop, most of the monthly The Big Pink Box are awesome. If you would like to support women owned business you can sign up here for $25 (includes shipping).

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