Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Big Pink Box March 2013 Review

Welcome to the 6 month anniversary of The Big Pink Box! In the past 6 months (despite some seriously bad boxes), this subscription has been great! Experiencing new brands, falling in love with new products, and all without having to scour the internet for the best new items. Really though, aside from all the fun, it is about supporting women owned business. Women enjoying the products of other hard working women. Even if your eyes don't always like the products your soul knows you did something good by supporting these women over going to forever 21 or bath and body works. So cheers The Big Pink Box and Amber Rose. I look forward to many more months with you and cant wait to see what you offer up next!

As a bonus this month all The Big Pink Box subscribers got this cute The Big Pink Box tote. What better way to go green (... err pink) than to carry around a pink tote as you shop! Though thin it is quite sturdy and makes a great bag to take to the gym or even to go clothes shopping.. from independent  women owned boutiques of course!

Inside the tote, wrapped in black and white hounds-tooth tissue paper, were all the items for the month of March. 

Live In Fashion-
When i first saw this coiled up piece of metal it reminded me of a slinky. Once i realized it was a bracelet i kind of got excited. I honestly do not own one piece of jewelry that looks like this. When it is open it reminds me of a bangle and when it is closed it looks like a slinky on my wrist. I find wearing it both ways cute and i have gotten quite a few "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FROM"(s).

 Curls - 
This is the second time this product has been included and since i do not have curly hair i once again can not tell you much more about this product.

 Sp3ctrum Cosmetics -
This lip balm had me over the moon. It applied so soft and it was like my lips.. but better. I have heard of girls who found their perfect product that did that for them, and now i have found mine!  International Jezebel is a warm nude shade with just the right amount of bronze shimmer. It lets your natural lip shade come through but makes your lips glossy and soft. This was a non sticky product yet lasted 2 hours before the need to reapply.

 Mojo Coutour- 
These gold and pearl earrings are all class. Though they may only be costume jewelry they make any day a special occasion. With a chain of rhinestones they sparkle and the pearls just had a classic touch.

247 Fashion Plus-
I am not at all a fan of studs but these are pretty cute. Like above, these are also costume jewelry but they add a nice touch of class to any look.

Kiss My Wrist-
This is the third piece of jewelry i have received that is turquoise (i guess turquoise is big?) I love that each piece has veins of brown making it look a bit vintage or authentic. The sliver bead with rhinestones was a nice accent as well. This barecelet felt comfortable on the wrist and i felt stylish wearing it.

Bubble Babez -
What an adorable cupcake! This mini cupcake is actually a bath bomb. What better way, and even fat free!, to enjoy a cupcake after a long day. Take a nice soak in the tub with this high qaulity product.

Lastly this card for Naomi's Rose was included for no reason what so ever since it did not have an item attached to it. Since i could not sample anything from this brand and do not know the quality i have no interest in it. Pass.

Overall this was one of the better months and so, so, SO much better than the February flop! I can't wait to see what next month brings.

If you aren't currently subscribed you can check The Big Pink Box out here! Each month you will receive products from different Women owned business. You can discover new and interesting brands while trying products out in your own home. The price of the subscription is $25 a month and this does include shipping. There are different options available but subscriptions are limited! 

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