Friday, April 19, 2013

Wet N Wild Fergie Desert Festival Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatchs

First... weren't these supposed to be limited edition? I love how after the craze of when they were first released they suddenly appeared everywhere from to every store in my area... but were conveniently unavailable when first released. So where was i? Right! This eyeshadow palette, Desert Festival, is part of the Fergie for Wet N Wild collection. This collection became live back in December. While some of the products were quite similar to the Fergie boxes (see here) each one felt a little more bit more classy in terms of packaging, design, and even the color scheme.

Desert Festival has the classic quality of Wet N Wild which is pigmented, a little powdery, mostly easy to blend, and while some have said this palette was chalky or dry i have to disagree. I have no problems applying and each color applied with ease. I loved that there was no fallout and a generous amount of each shade. While the color scheme does remind me of "What happens in Vegas" by L'oreal i actually feel Wet N Wild offers just a little bit more in their palette.

The packaging is a very easy open and click to close container but sturdy enough that it wont open if in your purse. The shadows are fragile and will break if dropped so take care of this palette. It is about the size of the palm of a medium sized hand.

The first shade on the upper left corner is a soft beige that leans a little pink, under it is a golden deep orange. On the upper right side there is a matte bright orange and below that is a chocolate brown with golden micro glitter. The middle is a lighter chocolate brown that is matte. While these shades do not exactly fit with spring it is a great neutral palette and the oranges are bright enough to add to other looks.

Overall this overdue and unavailable palette has a nice range of neutrals and  oranges that can be fun to wear. While not seasonally fitting these shades can be incorporated into spring and summer looks. Now that it is more widely available those who missed out on its initial release will be able to get their hands on it at sites like or in their local drugstore. Selling price is $4.99.

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