Monday, April 22, 2013

The Big Pink Box February 2013 Box 1

For the month of February, The Big Pink Box went all out, or so i thought. Touted as one of the most valuable boxes i was pretty psyched to receive my box. I ordered both of the boxes for this month since i do love a good surprise. While overall both boxes were a flop there were some great items in each. My box 1 did arrive damaged but this was only a minor issue. This box was the better of the two.

The theme of this valentines day decorated box was "Take Yourself Out". The products, i feel, did fit this theme quite nicely. From nail polish to bath products and even a candle you could relax and treat yourself right with these products.
I found the pink heart tissue paper to be a nice touch.

What i received-
B.A.A.B.S- Shot glass and shadow. ($7)
This product did arrive damaged but the kind owner was nice enough to send me a replacement. The shadow, Diced Pineapple, is a gorgeous shimmery yellow that reflects just slightly green. Its stunning on the eye and is very pigmented. Included was a recipe for making a drink also called Diced Pineapples.  Makeup and drinks, count me in!

Wicket Polish- Cardiac Arrest- (15$)
This red glitter bomb is to die for. This polish is a red base with tons of hexagon holographic glitter pieces. Applies evenly and dries fast.

Minor Candlelight (Plus Amethyst stone)- ($10)
This candle smells way more amazing than i would have expected. It has a very rich and citrus smell and rivals some of my bath and body works candles.

Gritt Studs- ($15)
Not a fan of studs but these retro leopard print earrings really make a statement! I like that they were not even on my ear and gave me a reason to pull my hair back.

Bubble Babez - ($10)
I have seen a lot of this brand through The Big Pink Box and honestly i can not complain. I have loved everything so far and even though this duckie arrived broken, it was just fine by me. This pomegranate  bubble bath bar made for the most lavish bath experience after a long day. My skin felt so soft and smelled great.

Tnemnroda Midi Ring- (35$)
I was not sure about this item at first. This ring is gold plated and looks like a tiny little crown. It fits right on the middle of the finger. Though i love how this looks it constantly falls off my finger. Some of the plating has rubbed off, so it is not a high quality item, but it is certainly pretty to wear for a photo.

Overall not as great as it was touted to be but also not terrible. I liked a lot of the items in this box but found their price points just a little off. If you would like to sign up for a box that support women owned business and their hard work, you can sign up here! Box is $25 a month and this includes shipping. Many subscription options are available.

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